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Why is Ticketmaster so Bad? A Comprehensive Analysis

If you’ve ever tried to purchase concert tickets online, you’ve likely had to deal with the frustration that comes with using Ticketmaster. The ticket-selling giant has faced a wave of criticism and complaints, with many customers taking to social media platforms like Reddit to voice their anger. In this post, we’ll explore some of the reasons behind the frustration people experience with Ticketmaster.

1. Hidden Fees

Perhaps the biggest source of frustration for ticket buyers is the prevalence of hidden fees when purchasing through Ticketmaster. While the price of the ticket may seem reasonable at first glance, the total cost can quickly skyrocket after fees are added. These fees can include anything from convenience charges to order processing fees, and can sometimes make up a significant portion of the total cost of the ticket.Ticketmaster has defended its use of fees, stating that they are necessary for the company to stay afloat. However, it’s clear that many customers feel cheated by the practice, especially when they are not made aware of the full cost of their purchase until the very end of the checkout process.

2. Limited Ticket Availability

Another issue that customers face when buying through Ticketmaster is the limited availability of tickets. When high-demand events go on sale, tickets can sell out within minutes, leaving many fans without the chance to purchase tickets at face value. This problem is compounded by the fact that Ticketmaster has often been accused of working with scalpers to resell tickets at a higher price. In 2018, the CBC conducted an investigation into the company’s practices and found that Ticketmaster had been secretly partnering with scalpers to purchase tickets and resell them at a markup. This means that even if fans are willing to pay higher prices for tickets, there may not be any available to purchase.

3. Technical Glitches

In addition to issues with fees and ticket availability, Ticketmaster has also faced criticism over technical glitches that can make it difficult or even impossible for fans to purchase tickets. The company has been accused of intentionally slowing down its website during high-demand sales, causing fans to be booted off the site before they can complete their purchase.Other fans have reported glitches with Ticketmaster’s mobile app or have been forced to enter CAPTCHAs that are difficult or impossible to decipher. These technical issues not only lead to frustrated customers but can also lead to lost sales for Ticketmaster.

4. Poor Customer Service

Finally, many customers have complained about the poor customer service they receive when dealing with Ticketmaster. The company has been accused of providing inadequate support to customers experiencing issues with their purchases, with some customers being left on hold for hours or even days without receiving a resolution to their problem.Adding to the frustration is the fact that Ticketmaster’s customer service line often operates on a premium rate phone number, meaning that customers are charged extra for the privilege of waiting on hold for hours at a time.


In conclusion, while Ticketmaster can be a convenient way to purchase tickets for popular events, it is clear that the company has many issues that need to be addressed. From hidden fees to limited availability, technical glitches and poor customer service, there are many reasons why Ticketmaster frustrates customers. As the company continues to face criticism, it remains to be seen whether or not it will take steps to improve its practices and provide a better buying experience for fans.