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Why is Ticketmaster Not Selling Taylor Swift Tickets?

If you are a Taylor Swift fan, then you might have noticed that the famous concert ticket selling platform Ticketmaster has not been selling tickets for Taylor Swift events. This news might have disappointed quite a lot of her fans, who were eagerly waiting for her latest concert tour. But don’t worry, we have done some research and have come up with a list of reasons why this is happening.

Reason 1: Taylor Swift partnership with Ticketmaster’s rival company

One of the primary reasons why Ticketmaster is not selling Taylor Swift tickets is because of her partnership with Ticketmaster’s rival company, Verified Fan. Taylor Swift’s team, in collaboration with Verified Fan, wants to leverage fan’s data analytics to sell tickets via her app and website. This exclusivity has forced Ticketmaster to decline from selling her concert tickets.

Reason 2: Taylor Swift’s Anti-Scalping Policy

Taylor Swift has been very vocal about her stance against ticket resellers and scalpers. She, along with her management team, have implemented several measures to prevent scalpers from buying her concert tickets in bulk and reselling at exorbitant prices. One of the primary measures taken is to sell tickets via Verified Fan, which uses algorithms to identify genuine fans and reward them with a unique code, which they can use to buy tickets.

Reason 3: Taylor Swift’s Hometown Show Sold Out Instantaneously

Another reason why Ticketmaster is not selling Taylor Swift tickets might be because her hometown show sold out too quickly. Taylor Swift’s hometown show, in Nashville, sold out instantly via Fan Verified, and there were no tickets left for secondary markets like StubHub or SeatGeek. This has caused a loss of revenue for Ticketmaster, and hence they decided not to sell any further Swift tickets.

Reason 4: Taylor Swift’s High Demand

Taylor Swift is by far one of the most popular artists in the world, and her concerts always see a very high demand. This has caused a lot of scams and fake websites claiming to sell Taylor Swift tickets. Ticketmaster, being a leading ticket selling platform, has been a victim of such scams in the past. To avoid any further loss of revenue, they might have decided to refrain from selling her tickets altogether.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Ticketmaster is not selling Taylor Swift tickets due to various reasons, which range from competition with its rival company, Verified Fan, to challenges surrounding scalping and the high demand for Taylor Swift tickets. While this may have frustrated fans, it is important to note that these measures are in place to ensure genuine fans have access to tickets at reasonable prices. We hope that by shedding some light on these reasons, we have provided a better understanding of why fans are unable to purchase Taylor Swift tickets via Ticketmaster.