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Why is Ticketmaster Customer Service So Bad?

If you have ever bought tickets from Ticketmaster then you might have had an experience of poor customer service. Ticketmaster is a popular online platform for purchasing tickets for various events including concerts, sports, and theatre. However, despite being a go-to option for ticket buying, Ticketmaster is notorious for its poor customer service. But why is this the case? Let’s explore the reasons behind the poor customer service.

1. High Demand and Low Supply of Customer Service Representatives

Ticketmaster sells millions of tickets annually which implies that there are millions of customers. However, it doesn’t have enough customer service representatives to address all the issues raised by customers. According to reports by customers, they have waited on calls with their customer service for hours and had to send multiple emails with slow response time. This goes to show that Ticketmaster is not adequately staffed to handle the high volume of complaints and enquiries that come their way.

2. Outsourced Customer Service

Another reason why customers face poor service is because Ticketmaster outsources their customer service. Ticketmaster outsources their customer service to countries where labor is cheaper. As a result, customer service representatives are not always fluent in the language or familiar with the market, creating communication barriers and difficulty understanding customer queries. This language barrier and lack of understanding of the market lead to poor customer service delivery.

3. Warranty, Refunds and Exchange Issues

Ticketmaster has a unfavorable policy when it comes to refunds and exchange. Once you buy a ticket, you lose your money if you missed the event even if there was a valid reason for that. Tcketmaster does not issue refunds for any ticket purchases made in error. This lack of flexibility on policy around refunds and exchange frustrates their customers and contributes to negative customer experiences.

4. Hidden Fees and Charges

Ticketmaster is popular for its inclusion of hidden fees when purchasing tickets. These hidden fees can sometimes range up to 50% of the original ticket price. This practice has misled customers and presents a bad brand image for Ticketmaster. Worse still, these hidden fees and charges are not indicated during the purchase process, leaving customers feeling cheated when they receive their final invoice.

5. Poor Accessibility for the Disabled

Despite being one of America’s most popular online ticket marketplace, Ticketmaster has consistently failed to provide adequate accessibility to people with disabilities. Customers with disabilities have reported that they have difficulty purchasing tickets in wheelchair accessible areas or getting in contact with customer support to arrange their accommodation.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why Ticketmaster has such poor customer service. These include high demand and low supply of customer service representatives, outsourcing customer service, unfavorable warranty, refunds, and exchange policies, hidden fees and charges, and poor accessibility for people with disabilities. By acknowledging and addressing these issues, Ticketmaster may be able to significantly reduce its negative reputation and provide a better customer experience.