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Why is Ticketmaster Crashing?

Ticketmaster has become a household name in the world of entertainment, being the go-to platform for event ticket purchases and distribution. It boasts millions of members and has been around for decades. However, despite its reputability, Ticketmaster has been plagued with various technical issues that have caused the platform to crash repeatedly.

What Causes Ticketmaster Crashes?

The most common cause of Ticketmaster crashes is the sheer volume of visitors on the platform. In fact, whenever there’s a major event, thousands of users attempt to access the site at once, causing the platform to experience an influx of traffic that it cannot handle.

Additionally, Ticketmaster’s servers may not be designed to handle such high volumes of requests at a given time. This may result in slowed down loading times, error messages, or even complete shutdowns of the platform.

Why Is the Issue More Prevalent Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to how people purchase tickets for events. With social distancing measures and restrictions in place, the demand for virtual events and live streams has gone up immensely. This has caused a significant increase in traffic on Ticketmaster’s website, leading to more frequent crashes.

Moreover, with the growing use of bots and automated scripts, Ticketmaster is facing tougher challenges in ensuring that only legitimate ticket buyers are accessing their system. These bots make multiple requests and transactions, putting a strain on the platform’s servers and ultimately crashing it.

What Is Ticketmaster Doing About It?

To tackle the issue of bot usage, Ticketmaster has implemented various measures aimed at minimizing fraudulent ticket buying practices. They have limited access to their API to certain set limits per minute and implemented captcha methods to control bots. Additionally, the platform has introduced a waiting room feature to manage traffic flow and prevent server overloads during high demand events.

However, despite these measures, Ticketmaster crashes continue to happen. The company is actively working on improving its technology and infrastructure to handle larger volumes of traffic and minimize downtime. They’ve also partnered with third-party vendors to leverage on their technologies to identify and block bot activities more efficiently.


Ticketmaster is undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the entertainment industry, and it has revolutionized the way we experience events. While its crashes can be frustrating, it’s vital to understand that it’s a common problem faced by many large-scale sites. The company has put in place measures to mitigate the impacts of service disruption and improve its functionality. However, users can also help by not overloading the system unnecessarily and reporting fraud and malicious activities on the platform.

So next time you’re trying to acquire a ticket for a popular event, and the site crashes, take a deep breath, and remember that Ticketmaster is actively working to minimize these issues through various measures to ensure a better user experience.