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Why Booking is Not Working in IRCTC?

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited) is an Indian Railways subsidiary, which provides online train ticket booking, tatkal booking, and catering services. IRCTC is the largest e-commerce website in India, but many people face the issue of booking not working on this platform. This blog post will guide you through the causes and solutions for IRCTC not working during the booking process.

Causes of IRCTC Booking Failure

Before finding the solutions for booking failure, first, we need to find the reasons why the booking is not working on the IRCTC platform. Here are some common causes:

  • High rush during the booking period: IRCTC has a limited number of berths available for booking, which creates a high demand and rush. Due to this limited availability, many people try to book train tickets simultaneously, which can cause booking failure on the website.
  • Technical glitches: Like any other website, IRCTC also faces technical glitches like server errors, website maintenance issues, and connectivity problems, causing booking failure on their website.
  • Invalid credentials: Many times, users are not able to book train tickets on the IRCTC website due to incorrect login credentials, including the wrong password, incorrect login id, and so on.
  • Slow internet speed: IRCTC is an online platform, and it operates on the internet. If your internet connection is slow or has poor signal strength, you may not be able to book tickets on time.
  • Expired session: Sometimes, users are already logged into their IRCTC account, but their sessions may have expired. This can happen due to inactivity or a long duration between login attempts.

Solutions to Fix IRCTC Booking Issues

Here are some solutions to fix the IRCTC booking issues:

  • Check your internet speed: IRCTC requires a stable and fast internet connection to book train tickets. Before booking, it’s recommended to ensure your internet speed is fast enough and has a strong signal strength.
  • Check the login credentials: Ensure that your IRCTC login credentials are correct before proceeding with booking, including your login id, password, or Captcha.
  • Avoid High Rush hour: Try to book train tickets during low-rush hours to avoid the rush and high demand on the website, which can improve your chances of getting tickets booked.
  • Clear browser cache: Some browser configurations can cause issues on IRCTC. Clearing browser cache and history can often resolve this issue.
  • Update browser and operating system: Using an old browser or outdated operating system may cause issues on the IRCTC website. Upgrading your browser or operating system can solve the problem.
  • Wait for some time: Sometimes IRCTC faces technical glitches, and the website may not work correctly during this period. In such a case, wait for some time and try again later.
  • Use alternative booking options: If you are not able to book train tickets on the IRCTC website, you can try alternative options like using agent services, authorized booking sites, or railway counters.


IRCTC is a great platform to book train tickets online, and it has made booking a lot more convenient for people. However, sometimes they experience issues during the booking process. As discussed above, there could be many reasons why booking is not working on the IRCTC website, including high traffic, technical glitches, invalid credentials, slow internet speed, or expired sessions. By following the above solutions, you can resolve these issues and successful book train tickets on the IRCTC website.