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Why Are Movies So Expensive To Make? Reddit Answered

Have you ever walked out of a movie theater wondering how much it cost to produce the film you just watched? Well, you are not alone. Movies these days are getting more expensive to make year after year, but the question is why? In this blog post, we will discuss some of the major reasons why movies are so expensive to make, as answered by the Reddit community.

The Cost of Talent

One of the largest expenses when it comes to making films is the cost of the talent involved in the process. This includes the actors, directors, producers, and writers. A-list actors, for example, can command several million dollars per movie, while directors like Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino can negotiate high eight-figure paychecks. The cost of talent varies depending on the reputation, popularity, and experience of these individuals. Not to mention, they often have personal stylists, trainers, and assistants that also add to the cost.As a Reddit user put it, “When people talk about Hollywood being expensive they often think just of the actors, but top directors and writers can also command salaries in the tens of millions…The actors can provide their own transportation, often staying in hotels with other cast and crew, but a director can have a lot of expenses, including assistants, transportation, security, and location scouting.”

The Cost of Marketing

Marketing is another significant expense in the film industry, sometimes costing more than the production budget itself. Advertising campaigns have become more diverse and expensive to reach larger audiences. For instance, studios invest a substantial amount of money in marketing campaigns such as outdoor advertising, TV spots, and social media campaigns.Redditor u/Qwi7ky explains, “Marketing can cost even more than the film, and that’s part of the process. Studios need to make sure they promote films, so that the maximum amount of people will see them, therefore making as much money as possible.”

The Cost of Special Effects

Special effects have become more sophisticated and complex over the years, leading to increased demand for computer-generated imagery (CGI) and practical effects. While practical effects can save money, especially for smaller or independent films, large, blockbuster films spend millions of dollars just on CGI. For example, films like Avatar and Infinity War were known to have budgets over $200 million – a significant portion of which went towards special effects.According to u/jjjbbbnnnn, “Believe it or not, the special effects budget can eat up a huge amount of the total budget. We’re talking around $150 – $200 million of $300 million budget.”

The Cost of Location and Set Design

Location and set design can be another significant expense when it comes to movie production. Sometimes filmmakers have to rent or buy locations, which can cost a large amount of money. Meanwhile, set design for some movies can take months and require high-level creativity and attention to detail.Redditor u/stevandawg states, “Sometimes they build entire sets and just destroy them in subsequent scenes, or they’ll build part of a set and then use CGI to fill the rest of the scene. It’s not just one thing that’s expensive in a movie, it’s a whole lot of things.”

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, films are expensive to make because of the various factors that go into the production process. Talented professionals, marketing expenses, special effects, location and set design are all major considerations that add to the final cost. Nonetheless, considering films make billions of dollars globally each year, the expense of making them can arguably be worth it.By knowing the reasons why movies are so expensive to make, it is easier to appreciate the effort and resources that go into bringing these works of art to the big screen.