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Why Are Flights to Australia So Expensive Reddit?

Traveling to Australia is a dream of many travelers in the world. However, when it comes to booking air tickets, the cost of flights to Australia can shock many people. The high cost of air travel to Australia can often be frustrating for budget-conscious travelers, leaving many people to wonder why flights to Australia are so expensive. If you have ever found yourself thinking the same, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will scrutinize the key factors contributing to the high cost of flights to Australia.

The Distance Factor

The distance between Australia and the rest of the world is the primary reason why flights to Australia are so expensive. Australia is located at a great distance from almost every major airport in the world. For instance, if you wish to fly to Australia from the United States, you will have to travel a distance of approximately 8,000 miles. The long-distance flights require much more fuel, and as fuel prices are constantly changing, the prices for these flights often vary too.

The Limited Airline Competition

Another major reason why flights to Australia are expensive is the limited airline competition between Australia and most of the world. Australia is located in a somewhat isolated part of the world. As a result, there are limited airlines that service the country, thus a natural monopoly. As a result, the airlines that do fly to Australia are in less competitive environments, and thus can charge higher fares to accomplish their higher operational costs.

The Seasonality Factor

Seasonality has a significant impact on the cost of flights to Australia. Many people prefer to visit Australia during the summer months (December-February), which is the peak season in the country. During this period, the airlines often increase ticket fares due to high demand, and if you book your tickets around this time, you are likely to pay a premium.

The High Quality of Airline Services

Australia has different regulations for international airlines, and they must meet higher standards than many other countries. The high quality of airline services means that airlines need to employ more staff, pay for more facilities, and invest in more advanced technology to maintain these higher standards. These additional costs will inevitably be passed on to the consumer through higher ticket prices.

The Australian Government Tax Policies

The Australian Government imposes various taxes on international air tickets purchased in Australia. These taxes are added to the ticket cost, and passengers will have to pay more. For instance, when flying out of Sydney airport, passengers have to pay a Passenger Movement Charge tax (PMC), a cost that has not always been placed upon travelers. Such taxes will increase ticket prices and add to the costs to airlines. As such, airlines will pass them on to the customers through higher ticket prices.


In conclusion, we may realize that the high cost of flights to Australia is a combination of different factors. Among some of the notable factors that contribute to these costs include the distance factor, limited airline competition, seasonality, the high quality of airline services, and the Australian government tax policies. While there may be no easy way of escaping the high costs of air travel to Australia, booking early, and avoiding peak seasons may help reduce some of the charges. Therefore, if you are keen on exploring the beauty of Australia, plan accordingly and book your flight tickets in advance for significant saving.