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Why Are Flight Prices So High Right Now?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes in the travel industry globally. As the world begins to slowly recover from the pandemic, we have witnessed a significant increase in the cost of airline tickets.In this article, we will explore the key reasons behind the rising airfare prices and how you can still find great deals for your travel plans.

1. Reduction in Airlines’ Capacity

The coronavirus pandemic led to the closure of many airlines, a situation that resulted in reduced airline capacity across many regions worldwide. Besides, aircraft manufacturers had to reduce production to match the reduced demand, subsequently reducing the availability of airplanes in general. With fewer airlines and aircraft in operation, the cost of airfare has increased, as airlines are forced to charge more to cover their expenses and maintain profitability.

2. Social Distancing Measures

Many countries’ social distancing measures require airlines to reduce the number of passengers onboard flights to avoid overcrowding. This reduction in passenger capacity further increases the overall cost of airfare. In addition to fewer passengers on flights, most airlines now have to go the extra mile of implementing enhanced health and safety protocols, such as deep cleaning of aircraft and providing additional protective equipment to passengers and crew.

3. Increase in Demand

As global restrictions ease and vaccines become more widely available, many travelers are taking advantage of the opportunity to travel after more than a year of being grounded. This sudden increase in airline ticket demand is driving prices up, as demand is outpacing supply. As a result, airlines have had to compete for passengers, subsequently pushing up the price of airfare.

4. Limited Flight Options

With the reduction in airline capacity, combined with the fact that many airlines have not resumed their usual flight routes, there are limited flight options for passengers. Most airlines are focusing on flying to popular destinations, leaving out many other destinations. This limited availability of flights has resulted in higher prices for customers looking to purchase tickets to such destinations.

5. Fuel Prices

Finally, an often-overlooked factor affecting airfare prices is fuel prices. As the price of crude oil continues to increase, airlines have to spend more money on fuel to operate flights, which drives up the cost of airfare. It’s essential to understand that the cost of fuel accounts for a significant portion of airlines’ overall operating expenses.

How to Find Affordable Flight Tickets

Despite the rising cost of airfare, you can still find good deals for your travel plans. Here are some tips on how to find affordable flight tickets:

1. Book in Advance

Booking flight tickets in advance can help you snag great deals. Airlines typically offer their cheapest fares months before the flight’s departure date. It’s advisable to book at least two weeks in advance, although booking three months or more ahead generally offers the best prices.

2. Be Flexible

Flexibility can help you find better deals for your travel plans. For example, flying on weekdays is generally cheaper than flying on weekends. Avoiding peak travel seasons can also be helpful in finding low-cost deals.

3. Use Comparison Sites

Comparison sites such as Skyscanner and Kayak are an excellent resource for finding affordable flight tickets. These sites compare the prices of multiple airlines and travel agents, helping you find the best deal for your travel plan.


The current high cost of airfare is a temporary situation that is likely to change as airlines begin to update their operations fully. In the meantime, passengers can use the tips provided above to find affordable flight tickets for their travel plans. It’s essential to be patient and ensure that you plan ahead for your travel to avoid last-minute expensive purchases.