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Why Are Concert Tickets So Expensive?

Going to a live concert is an exciting experience that music lovers from around the world look forward to every year. Seeing your favorite artist perform on stage can be an electrifying and unforgettable moment, but you may find yourself asking why these concert tickets are so expensive. In this blog post, we will discuss the factors that contribute to the high cost of concert tickets.

The Artist’s Fees

One of the primary reasons why concert tickets are so expensive is the artist’s fees. Famous performers charge high prices for their performances due to the value of their brand and their popularity. The more renowned the artist, the more expensive the ticket price will be.Many artists use the revenue generated from concert tours to fund their new albums, promote their brand or pay off some of their debts. They also use the revenue to cover their expenses, such as transportation, equipment rental, and lodging. The cost of concert production alone can be very costly, which adds to the price of the ticket.

Concert Promoters and Venues

Concert promoters and venues are also factors that contribute to the high cost of concert tickets. Concert promoters are the intermediaries between the artist and venue, responsible for booking the venue, promoting the concert, and managing the event.Promoters working for major events may spend a considerable amount to hire the staff, rent facilities and equipment, and cover other expenses. Venues also need to recoup their investment in infrastructure and operations. These expenses, in turn, are reflected in the ticket price, making a difference in the amount you have to pay.

Third-Party Ticketing Agents

Third-party ticketing agents add more costs to the concert ticket price. These agents offer buying, selling, and resale services and can make money through their transaction fees, markups, and commissions.They might also utilize intelligent pricing schemes that can elevate the cost of the tickets dramatically; for frequent blockbuster concerts, the demand is high, and agent-based pricing scheme would mean raising tickets’ prices multiple times to sell them at the maximum possible price.

The Resale Ticket Market

Another reason for the rise in concert ticket prices is the resale market. The resale market is an area where fans can buy and sell tickets for concerts, events, and sports games.Platforms like StubHub and Ticketmaster Resale have helped fans to resell their tickets at inflated prices based on market demand. Scalpers or ticket touts also sell tickets at prices way beyond face value, which creates a secondary ticket market. Sometimes, the price of a ticket on the resale market can reach four, five, or even ten times the face value.While the resale market provides fans with more flexibility and availability, it also enables third-party sellers to hike prices exponentially. Moreover, some countries do not have strict and enforced laws regarding scalping, making resale tickets more profitable.


In conclusion, the cost of concert tickets is based on many factors like artist fees, venue expenses, promoters, and third-party ticketing agents. The resale market can further elevate the price of tickets beyond this point.It’s essential for fans to understand why the prices are so high and to adjust accordingly to secure an affordable ticket. With new technology emerging every year, more and more people can access affordable tickets to their favorite concerts. Let’s keep our ears open and our fingers crossed to see new ways of enjoying live music while remaining connected to our favorite bands and artists.