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Why Are Concert Tickets So Expensive in America?

Attending live concerts is becoming increasingly popular across the United States. It’s a chance for music lovers to witness their favorite artists perform in person, creating memories and experiences that can last a lifetime. However, one common complaint among concert-goers is the high cost of tickets. In this blog post, we’ll explore why concert tickets are so expensive in America, and provide some insights into what goes on behind the scenes.

The Cost of Booking Artists

One of the main reasons for the high cost of concert tickets in America is the expense associated with booking the performers. The most popular musicians and bands have significant bargaining power when it comes to agreeing on their tour prices and can command high fees for their performances.

Furthermore, it is not just the artists themselves who command high fees but also their entourages, including the sound and lighting crews, security personnel, and production teams. All these expenses add up, and as a result, the cost of touring can fall on the concert-goer.

Competition Amongst Promoters

Another contributing factor to the high cost of concert tickets is the increased competition amongst promoters. Large corporations like Live Nation and AEG Presents have a near-monopoly on the music industry, often buying out small independent promoters. This reduces competition and can lead to higher ticket prices due to the domination of the market by the largest corporations.

Furthermore, in the music industry, it is standard practice for promoters to bid against each other to bring in the most renowned and sought-after artists. The highest bidder secures the artist, but they recoup their expenses by setting high ticket prices.

Resale Markets and Ticket Scalping

The involvement of third-party ticket resale markets is another factor that drives up the cost of concert tickets. Resale markets such as StubHub and SeatGeek typically offer tickets at prices higher than their face value, and many people purchase tickets through these platforms because the primary market has sold out.

As the demand for sold-out concerts tends to exceed the number of tickets available, some people resort to ticket scalping. Ticket scalpers buy tickets and resell them to desperate fans at much higher prices, with little concern for the face value of the ticket.

Taxes and Fees

Finally, when you purchase a concert ticket, it is not just the face value that you pay. Hidden taxes and fees often accompany ticket purchases, and these can add significantly to the cost of attending an event. Some fees are added to cover the expense of processing transactions online, while others are added to cover local taxes and venue expenses.


Concert tickets are expensive in America because of the high booking fees associated with popular artists, reduced competition amongst promoters, the involvement of third-party ticket resale markets, and taxes and fees. While these factors may make attending concerts feel inaccessible to many, attending concerts and live events is an experience like no other. That said, it’s important to be aware of the costs involved and to budget accordingly.

We hope this blog post has provided some insights into why concert tickets are so expensive in America. By understanding the factors behind the high costs, concert-goers can make more informed choices about where and when they purchase tickets and the value they place on the live music experience.