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Which month is the cheapest to book a flight ticket?

Are you planning for an upcoming trip but concerned about the cost of airfare? One of the essential things to consider on a budget-friendly trip is booking a flight ticket at the right time. If you’re wondering which month is the cheapest time to book a flight, then don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.We’ve researched and analyzed data from various airline companies and travel agencies worldwide to bring you the best information for saving money on your next trip. Keep reading to discover the cheapest month to buy airline tickets.

Factors Affecting Flight Ticket Prices:

Before we dive into the cheapest month to buy airline tickets, let’s first understand how different factors can affect the cost of airline tickets.

1. High season vs. low season:

There are typically two seasons in the travel industry: high season and low season. High season means more travel and tourism activities, while low season is an off-time for most travelers. During the high season, flight tickets are more expensive due to the high demand caused by school holidays, festivals, or events. Conversely, flight ticket prices are lower in low season as demand decreases.

2. Booking time:

Booking a flight too early or too late can also affect the cost of the flight. Airlines typically release domestic flight tickets 10-12 months in advance and international flight tickets six to eight months in advance. If you book too early or too late, the chances are that you will end up paying more.

3. Destination:

The cost of flight tickets varies depending on the destination. Route density, competition, and distance can all affect the flight ticket’s price.

The Cheapest Month to book a Flight Ticket:

To determine which month is the cheapest to book a flight, we analyzed data from various airline companies and travel agencies worldwide. Here’s what we found:


January is generally considered the cheapest month to book a flight ticket. During this month, the demand for air travel is generally low because people have recently returned from holiday travel. This low demand leads to lower prices.


February is often considered a shoulder season for air travel, meaning that it less busy than high-season months, which can result in airlines offering lower prices to attract customers. It’s generally a great time to book flights to warm destinations to escape the winter.


September is a month when most families return to school and work after the holiday season. As a result, the airfare prices tend to see a significant dip since there’s a low demand for air travel. It’s the best month to grab a deal on travel prices, including airline tickets.


October is often considered a shoulder season for tourism in most destinations. As we discussed before, low demand for air travel leads to lower prices, which makes October a budget-friendly month to book flight tickets.


November is another shoulder season, except for the week of Thanksgiving, which is a high-season period. Apart from that, the demand is low, and the supply is high, leading to cheaper airline tickets.

Other Tips to Save Money on Flight Tickets:

1. Fly Midweek:

Flights that depart on Wednesday and Thursday are often cheaper than flights on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Therefore, it’s best to try and book flights for midweek rather than weekends.

2. Book in advance:

Booking flights in advance, at least six weeks before the trip can lead to substantial savings.

3. Use Incognito Mode:

Flight ticket prices increase when you search for the same flight several times. To avoid this, always use incognito mode or private browsing when searching for flights.

4. Book at the Right Time:

Studies have shown that the cheapest time to book a flight is typically in the early mornings on weekdays.


In conclusion, January, February, September, October, and November are the cheapest months to book a flight ticket. You can also implement money-saving tips like flying midweek, booking in advance, using incognito mode, and booking at the right time to find budget-friendly airline tickets. Hopefully, this article helps you to save some money on your next trip.