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Where Was Winning Cash 5 Ticket Sold Last Night?

If you are one of those who bought a Cash 5 lottery ticket and hoping that you can wake up today as a lucky millionaire, then you might want to check it out. The Pennsylvania Lottery announced on their official website about the winning ticket of the April 11, 2021, Cash 5 lottery. The winning numbers for Cash 5 lottery were 02-11-14-26-35 and the ticket was sold in Mercer County. If you purchased tickets on this draw, it’s definitely worth checking if you have won the jackpot.The Cash 5 lottery has been popular, and many have been trying out their luck on this lottery game. But if you’re from Mercer County or nearby, it’s possible that you could be the lucky winner of the $1,700,000 jackpot.This game is a popular choice for players because of its unique feature of drawing 5 winning numbers from 1 to 43. The chances of winning a prize in the game are relatively high in comparison to other lottery games. The odds of winning the jackpot prize are approximately 1 in 962,598. Moreover, the game is relatively easy to play and costs only $1 per ticket.If you are wondering where exactly the winning ticket was sold in Mercer County, the Pennsylvania Lottery has not disclosed that information yet. But we do know that the ticket was sold through a lottery retailer. Hence, it could be sold at any lottery outlet within Mercer County. The Pennsylvania Lottery urges all lottery players to check their tickets carefully and match the numbers to the winning numbers drawn to avoid missing out on any prize.If you’re a regular lotto player, we know how valuable it is to have the winning numbers as soon as possible. You can certainly find the winning numbers on traditional media like newspapers or TV, or you can get more up-to-date information by checking the official website or mobile application of the Pennsylvania Lottery. Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that the winner of the Cash 5 lottery has up to one year from the date of the drawing to claim the prize. So if you purchased a ticket for the April 11th drawing, it’s best to keep your ticket safe for a while longer.In conclusion, the winning Cash 5 lottery ticket was sold in Mercer County on April 11, 2021, with the winning numbers 02-11-14-26-35. While we don’t know the exact location where the ticket was bought, the possibility of winning such an amount in this lottery game is definitely worth a chance. Always make sure to review your own tickets with the winning numbers and hold on to that winning ticket as securely as possible. We wish you the best of luck in your future lottery endeavors!