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Where was Ticket to Paradise Filmed in Queensland?

The Australian state of Queensland offers filmmakers some of the world’s best locations, and it’s no surprise that Hollywood has been attracted to the region for decades. One of the latest productions that chose Queensland as its backdrop is Ticket to Paradise. The movie, which stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts, was filmed entirely in Queensland’s breathtaking beaches, lush tropical rainforests, and dazzling hinterlands.

The Sunshine Coast

One of the main locations for the film was the Sunshine Coast, which is situated about an hour north of Brisbane. The Sunshine Coast has been popular with tourists for decades due to its pristine beaches, lush hinterlands, and laidback lifestyle. In the film, George Clooney and Julia Roberts were spotted filming a scene on the white sands of Noosa Beach, which is one of the most famous and picturesque beaches in Australia. Noosa Beach features sparkling water and an excellent surf break, making it the perfect place for some sun, surf, and filming.The charming hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast also play a crucial role in the movie. Montville, a tiny village that is located in the lush green hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, was used as a backdrop for several scenes in the film. Montville is famous for its arts and crafts, charming cafes, and boutique shops. Montville’s rolling hills and countryside make it the perfect place for a romantic getaway, which is exactly what the movie portrays.

The Gold Coast

Another location where Ticket to Paradise was filmed is the famous Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is a stretch of coastline that is famous for its stunning beaches, tall skyscrapers, and thrilling theme parks. The movie’s production crew was spotted filming at the famous Surfers Paradise, which is one of Australia’s most famous beaches. Surfers Paradise is home to a wide variety of activities, including surfing, shopping, dining, and nightlife, and the film captured the vibe perfectly. The iconic Q1 building, which is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world, was also featured prominently in the film. The building’s architecture and its striking views of the ocean and hinterlands make it one of the most sought-after locations for filmmakers. Overall, the Gold Coast’s vibrant energy and lively atmosphere make it a great backdrop for a romantic comedy movie such as Ticket to Paradise.

Cairns and Port Douglas

Apart from the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, Ticket to Paradise was also filmed in Cairns and Port Douglas, which are situated in Far North Queensland. Cairns and Port Douglas are famous for their tropical rainforests, stunning beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef. In the movie, Cairns and Port Douglas were used as a backdrop for some of the more romantic scenes, as the setting perfectly captures the magical experience that Far North Queensland can offer.


In conclusion, Queensland provides filmmakers with a wide variety of locations, from stunning beaches to lush rainforests and charming hinterlands. Ticket to Paradise used many of these locations to great effect, capturing the essence of Queensland and showcasing its natural beauty. From the Gold Coast’s lively atmosphere to the Sunshine Coast’s laidback lifestyle and Far North Queensland’s tropical magic, the movie truly highlights the best of what Queensland has to offer.