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Where Was Paradise City Filmed?

The American musical drama television series, Paradise City, has been making rounds on the internet since its release on March 25, 2021. This exciting show has everything from music to drugs, fame, love, and much more. With its gripping storyline, it is no wonder that people are searching for more information about the show. One question that pops up frequently is “where was Paradise City filmed?” In this blog post, we will explore the filming locations of Paradise City.

Paradise City Overview

Before delving into the filming locations, let’s take a quick overview of the thrilling show. Paradise City is based on the lives of various young musicians as they navigate their way through the music industry. The story paints an accurate and raw picture of what it takes to make it big in the industry, the ups and downs of fame, relationships, and drug addiction.

The Filming Locations of Paradise City

The production team behind Paradise City brings to life the characters and their stories in different locations around Los Angeles. Here are the various filming locations for Paradise City:

1. The Viper Room

The Viper Room, located on 8852 West Sunset Boulevard, was the site of most of the live music performances in the show. This venue is famous for its history, and it is where River Phoenix took his last breath on Halloween night in 1993. The Viper Room appeared in various shots of Paradise City, and some of the live performances from the show were recorded there as well. This location is ideal for live music performances, and it gave the show a realistic feel.

2. The Sunset Strip

The Sunset Strip is known for its luxurious restaurants, iconic clubs, and legendary venues. This famous street in West Hollywood is famous for its connection to the music and entertainment industry. A few episodes of Paradise City were filmed on the Sunset Strip as it provided the perfect backdrop for the story. The presence of various music venues and nightclubs creates the perfect atmosphere for the show.

3. The Canyon Club

The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills was also used as a filming location for Paradise City. This venue is famous for hosting live performances by legendary musicians such as Eric Clapton and Kenny Loggins. The Canyon Club has a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful interior with modern acoustics, making it the perfect location for the show.

4. The Whisky A Go-Go

The Whisky a Go-Go is a legendary nightclub on Sunset Boulevard that has played an important role in the history of rock music. This venue has hosted some of the biggest names in music, including The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones. The Whisky a Go-Go is another popular filming location for Paradise City as it provides a retro feel to the show.


Paradise City is a captivating show that has entertained audiences worldwide with its gripping storyline and excellent performances. With the show set in Los Angeles, the filming locations play a significant role in bringing the story to life. The Viper Room, The Sunset Strip, The Canyon Club, and The Whisky a Go-Go are some of the primary filming locations of Paradise City. These locations add a touch of realism and authenticity to the show while showcasing the historic and cultural significance of the Los Angeles music scene. We hope that, with this blog post, we have answered your question of “where was Paradise City filmed?” If you haven’t watched the show yet, we highly recommend it. You can now enjoy the show, knowing where the different scenes were filmed.