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Where was Film Ticket to Paradise Filmed?

If you have seen the film “Ticket to Paradise” and are curious about where it was filmed, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will discuss the locations where the movie was shot, and the reasons why the filmmakers chose those specific places.

The Plot of “Ticket to Paradise”

Before we delve into the filming locations, let’s briefly talk about the plot of the film. “Ticket to Paradise” is a romantic comedy that follows the story of two lifelong friends who have always dreamed of traveling to Fiji. One day, they decide to make their dream come true, and head off to the tropical paradise. During their adventure, they unexpectedly fall in love and face a series of comical mishaps.

Filming Locations for “Ticket to Paradise”

The filming for “Ticket to Paradise” took place in multiple locations, including Fiji, Australia, and the United States. Let’s take a closer look at each of these locations.


The majority of the movie was filmed in Fiji, which is why it serves as the primary setting for the film. The beautiful landscapes and stunning beaches of Fiji provide the perfect backdrop for the romantic comedy.Some of the specific locations in Fiji where the film was shot include:- Denarau Island: This high-end resort area served as the setting for the opening shots of the movie, as well as several other scenes throughout the film.- Momi Bay: This picturesque bay on the western coast of Fiji’s main island was used for many of the beach scenes in the movie.- Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park: This gorgeous natural park was used for a romantic scene between the two main characters.


Some scenes in the movie were filmed in Australia. The filmmakers were attracted to Australia for its similarity to Fiji in terms of climate and landscape. Additionally, Australia offered easy access to high-quality film equipment and talented crew members.Specific locations in Australia where the film was shot include:- Gold Coast: This popular beach destination on Australia’s east coast served as a stand-in for some of the Fiji scenes.- Brisbane: The city of Brisbane served as a backdrop for a few scenes in the film.

The United States

Lastly, a few scenes in the film were shot in the United States. As a Hollywood film, it’s not surprising that some parts of the movie were shot in the US.Specific locations in the US where the film was shot include:- Los Angeles: Some of the interior scenes in the film were shot in Los Angeles studios.

Why Were These Locations Chosen?

Now that we’ve explored the specific filming locations, let’s discuss why these locations were chosen.As mentioned earlier, Fiji is the primary setting for the film. The filmmakers wanted an exotic, tropical location that would capture the spirit of a dream vacation. Fiji fit the bill perfectly, with its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery.Australia was chosen as a location for practical reasons. It offered similar scenery to Fiji but provided more resources and a more developed film industry. Filming in Australia also saved the production team money on travel costs.Finally, the US was chosen as a location for interior scenes because the movie was produced by a Hollywood studio. Los Angeles is home to many world-class studios and soundstages, making it a natural choice for filming interior shots.

In Conclusion

In summary, “Ticket to Paradise” was filmed in multiple locations including Fiji, Australia, and the US. Fiji was the primary location, chosen for its exotic and tropical atmosphere, while Australia was chosen for practical reasons. The US was used for interior shots due to the availability of studios and soundstages. We hope this article has answered your question about where the movie was filmed, and provided some insight into why these locations were chosen.