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Where is Heaven Located According to Catholicism?

As per the Catholic Church’s beliefs, Heaven is a real place where God lives and reigns. Heaven is a place of eternal life where there is no suffering, pain, or sadness. It is where believers go after their deaths to live in communion with the Almighty.But where exactly is heaven located according to Catholicism? Unfortunately, this question does not have a direct answer. The Catholic Church does not teach that heaven is a physical location or a specific place in the universe. The concept of heaven is beyond the physical and the material, and instead, it is a spiritual realm where the faithful experience God’s presence and love.Despite the lack of specificity when it comes to where heaven is located, the Catholic Church has provided some insights into its nature and characteristics. In this blog post, we will explore and examine some Catholic beliefs surrounding heaven.

What is heaven?

Before we delve into the location of heaven, it’s better to first define what it is according to the Catholic Church.Heaven is an eternal and joyful state of being where people enjoy perfect happiness through uniting with God. Unlike earthly happiness, heavenly joy is complete and everlasting, not to mention that it is devoid of suffering or the limitations of our earthly experience.Some believers describe heaven as a realm of peace and light, where believers are reunited with their loved ones who had already died and passed on to the spiritual realm.

Does heaven occupy a physical location?

As previously mentioned, the concept of heaven is beyond the physical realm as we know it. The Catholic Church teaches that heaven is beyond our physical world and that it is a spiritual plane that coexists with our physical world.According to Catholic belief, heaven is not restricted to one physical location, and it cannot be detected by our five senses or located using scientific methods. Heaven is not bound by the physical laws that govern our universe.Rather than viewing heaven as a geographical location, the Catholic Church has often used symbolic or metaphorical language to describe it. These metaphors include “a city of light,” “the heavenly banquet,” and “the new Jerusalem.”

What do the scriptures say about heaven?

The Catholic Church draws its beliefs about heaven from various passages in the Bible. The Bible often uses metaphors and symbols to describe heaven, and its teachings are consistent with the church’s understanding of heaven.One of the most well-known references to heaven in the Bible comes from the book of Revelation, which describes the “new Jerusalem” as a radiant city “coming down out of heaven from God” (Revelation 21:2).Additionally, numerous Bible verses describe heaven as a place of eternal happiness and peace, including John 14:2-3, in which Jesus describes heaven as a place with many rooms and that he will come and take believers to be with him. In Matthew 5:3, Jesus speaks about heaven as a place for the poor in spirit, and in 1 Corinthians 2:9, it is referred to as “what no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the human heart conceived.”


In conclusion, the exact location of heaven is not clear according to Catholic beliefs. Rather than being a physical location, heaven is a state of being beyond our understanding, where believers experience perfect happiness and joy through their unification with God.The Catholic Church prefers to describe heaven using metaphors and symbolism, reflecting its spiritual and non-physical nature. While the question of where heaven is located may remain unresolved, the most important message is that heaven is a place of happiness and peace, where believers are united with their loved ones and God himself.