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Where Can You Find the Ticket Number on Your Boarding Pass?

As an airline passenger, your boarding pass is an essential document that you need to have with you at all times. It serves as your entry pass to board the plane and contains important information that the airline and security personnel need to verify.One of the vital pieces of information on a boarding pass is the ticket number. Some people may not know where to find it or confuse it with the confirmation number. In this blog post, I will provide a comprehensive guide on how to locate your ticket number on your boarding pass.

What is a Ticket Number?

Before we dive into where to find the ticket number on your boarding pass, let’s first understand what it is. A ticket number is a unique identifier that airlines use to track passenger bookings and preferences for flights. They are assigned by the airline’s reservation system and consist of 13 digits that identify the specific ticket and provide you access to your reservation.

Where to Find the Ticket Number on Your Boarding Pass

There are a few places where the ticket number can be located on your boarding pass, depending on the airline or itinerary. Here are some common areas where you can find the ticket number:

1. Top Left or Right Corner of the Boarding Pass

Some airlines display the ticket number in the top left or right corner of the boarding pass. It may appear as “TKTN,” followed by a series of numbers below it. Look for the group of 13 digits to locate your ticket number.

2. Near the Bar Code or QR Code

Another common location for the ticket number is near the bar code or QR code section of the boarding pass. You can typically find it in the middle section of the pass and is labelled as the “Document Number.” The 13-digit number located under the barcode or QR code is the ticket number.

3. Flight Itinerary Section

The flight itinerary section of your boarding pass includes essential details about your flight, such as departure and arrival times and seat number. Some airlines include the ticket number in this section, and it may appear as “TKT,” followed by a series of digits.

4. E-Ticket Receipt

If you booked your flight online or through a travel agency, you would have received an e-ticket receipt in your email. The ticket number is displayed prominently in this receipt and should be easy to locate. In the E-ticket, you can see the number is quoted as “13 digits Airline Issued Document”.

Other Common Details on a Boarding Pass that you Should Know

Aside from the ticket number, there are other vital details on a boarding pass that you should be aware of, such as:

1. Confirmation or Reservation Number

The confirmation or reservation number is different from the ticket number and is a unique identifier that you receive when making a booking. It confirms that you have reserved a spot on the flight and can be used to retrieve your booking information. It is usually located at the top of the boarding pass.

2. Flight Information

The boarding pass also contains essential flight information, including the departure and arrival times, the gate number, and the terminal number. It may also indicate whether your flight is domestic or international.

3. Passenger Information

The passenger information section of the boarding pass displays details such as your name, seat assignment, boarding group or priority, and frequent flier program. Ensure that all the information is correct, including the spelling of your name, to avoid any issues during check-in or security.


In summary, the ticket number is a crucial piece of information on your boarding pass that allows you to access your reservation and board the plane. It is essential to locate your ticket number correctly to avoid any confusion during check-in or security. Remember that the ticket number is a 13-digit code that can be found in various locations on the boarding pass, such as the top left or right corner, near the barcode or QR code, or in the flight itinerary section.Knowing where to find the ticket number and other essential details on a boarding pass helps ensure a seamless travel experience.