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Where Can I Find My Ticket Number on Boarding Pass?

When you are going to board a flight, the boarding pass is an essential document that you need to carry. A boarding pass specifies your flight details, seat number, departure gate, and other necessary information. One of the most crucial pieces of information mentioned on a boarding pass is the ticket number, which is required for several purposes related to your flight. But where can you find the ticket number on a boarding pass? In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about finding your ticket number on your boarding pass.

What is a ticket number?

Before we move on to finding the ticket number on the boarding pass, let us first understand what a ticket number is. A ticket number is a unique set of characters, usually a combination of letters and numbers, that is assigned to an airline ticket. This number is generated when you book a ticket and is used for various purposes, such as making changes to your booking, tracking your flight status, and claiming frequent flyer miles.

Where can I find my ticket number on my boarding pass?

Now that we know what a ticket number is let us move on to finding where it is located on your boarding pass. There are different types of boarding passes available, such as the ones you get through online check-ins, mobile boarding passes, and the ones printed at the airport. The location of the ticket number may vary slightly depending on the type of boarding pass you have.On a printed boarding pass that you receive at the airport counter, the ticket number is usually printed at the top right-hand corner. It is typically an alphanumeric code starting with three letters, followed by ten digits. However, there are a few variations depending on the airline.If you have checked in online, you may receive an email containing a PDF version of your boarding pass. In such a case, the ticket number may be located near the bottom of the pass, in the bottom left corner or bottom right corner of the page.In a mobile boarding pass, the location of the ticket number may vary based on your device’s screen size, as the boarding pass may be displayed differently. Some airlines may have the ticket number located at the bottom of the mobile boarding pass, while others may place it in the top left or right corner.

Why do I need to know my ticket number?

As mentioned earlier, a ticket number is required for various reasons, such as making changes to your booking or checking your flight status. Apart from these, the ticket number is also required for claiming frequent flyer miles. In case you are a member of a frequent flyer program, you need to enter your ticket number while making a reservation to earn miles for your flight. You can also use your ticket number to claim miles for flights taken in the past, as long as they were booked using your frequent flyer membership number.


In conclusion, your boarding pass is indeed an important document, and the ticket number is a crucial piece of information that you should know. It is essential to understand where you can find the number on your boarding pass and its significance. Knowing your ticket number can help you with several purposes related to your flight, such as making changes to your booking, tracking your flight status, and claiming frequent flyer miles. So, always make sure to check your boarding pass for your ticket number before taking your flight.