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Where Can I Buy Ticketmaster Tickets In Person?

For those who prefer to purchase their tickets in person rather than online, finding a physical location to buy Ticketmaster tickets can be very beneficial. Whether you’re looking to snag some last-minute tickets or avoid the online service fees, there are many options for getting your hands on physical tickets. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the different venues where you can purchase Ticketmaster tickets in person.

1. Box Offices at Venues

One of the most popular places to buy Ticketmaster tickets in person is at the box office located at the venue where the event will take place. This is a great option if you’re attending an event in your local area and want to avoid the extra fees associated with online purchases. These box offices have the advantage of being centrally located and are often open for extended hours leading up to the event. This allows you to avoid the possibility of delivery delays and to pick up your tickets at your convenience.

2. Retail Locations

Ticketmaster has also partnered with various retail locations across the United States to offer ticket-sales services, without the convenience fees associated with online or mobile transactions. Some of the retail locations include Walmart, Best Buy, and Kroger. Keep in mind that not all retail locations offer the same types of tickets or the same pricing for each event. It’s always best to call ahead and check availability before making your way to the store.

3. Ticketmaster Outlets

Ticketmaster outlets are the company’s official retail locations that specialize in ticket sales. These outlets provide personalized customer service and are a great option if you want to speak to a customer service representative in person. These outlets can help you with everything from planning your event to providing information on available seating options. The only downside to Ticketmaster outlets is that they tend to be more limited in scope and are usually only located in major cities.

4. Secondary Ticket Marketplaces

Secondary ticket marketplaces such as StubHub or Vivid Seats offer fans the opportunity to buy and sell tickets, often including hard to find or sold-out tickets. It’s important to note, however, that these secondary markets are generally more expensive than the face value of tickets sold through Ticketmaster. And while they offer the convenience of purchasing tickets without leaving your home, the tickets on these marketplaces are not always guaranteed by Ticketmaster.


In conclusion, there are several options when it comes to buying Ticketmaster tickets in person. Whether it’s at the box office located at the event venue, retail locations, Ticketmaster outlets or secondary ticket marketplaces, you have the flexibility to choose what’s best for you. Keep in mind, however, that it’s always essential to verify that the tickets you are purchasing are authentic and come directly from Ticketmaster. With all these options, you can buy the tickets you want and enjoy your experience to the fullest without any extra fees or issues.