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When to Book Tatkal Ticket in IRCTC

Indian Railways is the backbone of transportation in India, with millions of passengers traveling daily via trains. Tatkal tickets are the best option for last-minute travel plans, but booking these tickets can be quite tricky. This article will help you understand the best time to book Tatkal tickets in IRCTC.

What is a Tatkal Ticket?

Tatkal tickets are intended for passengers who need to make immediate travel plans. In other words, it is a special scheme provided by the Indian railways that permits passengers to book train tickets for any kind of trains in India at a short notice. Under Tatkal, passengers can book reserve train tickets just one day before the train’s departure.

When Does Tatkal Booking Open in IRCTC?

Tatkal tickets can be booked via the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) website or at any railway station. Tatkal booking for AC classes opens at 10:00 am, and for non-AC classes, the booking starts at 11:00 am, a day prior to the journey.

How to Book Tatkal Tickets on IRCTC?

Before booking Tatkal tickets, you need to have the following information ready:1. IRCTC User ID and password2. Originating and Destination station code, train number, and date of journey3. Preferred quota4. Passenger details, such as name, age, and genderOnce you have all the necessary information ready, log in to the IRCTC website or mobile application 5 to 10 minutes before the Tatkal ticket booking time to avoid any last-minute delays in logging in.

When Should You Book Tatkal Tickets?

It’s essential to book Tatkal tickets as soon as possible, as they sell out very quickly. Here are some tips to help you understand when to book Tatkal tickets:

Check the Availability Status

Before booking a Tatkal ticket, it’s essential to check the availability of tickets. You can check the availability of Tatkal tickets a day before the train’s departure at 10:00 am for AC classes, and at 11:00 am for non-AC classes. Once you have checked the availability status, book your ticket as early as possible, as the availability of tickets is limited.

Book the Ticket as Early as Possible

As mentioned above, Tatkal tickets sell out very quickly, so it’s crucial to book the ticket as early as possible. You should start the booking process as soon as the booking time opens to ensure that you secure your reservation.

Book on Service Days and Avoid Peak Seasons

It’s best to book Tatkal tickets on the service days of the train. During peak seasons, the demand for Tatkal tickets is higher, which can make it difficult to book a ticket. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid booking Tatkal tickets during the peak season, such as during the holidays, festivals, and other special occasions.

Use Alternative Options

If you are unable to book a Tatkal ticket, then you should consider booking RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) or waitlisted tickets. You may still get a confirmed ticket even if you have an RAC or waitlist ticket.


In conclusion, Tatkal tickets provide a convenient option for those who need to make last-minute travel plans. However, it’s crucial to book them as soon as possible once booking opens, as the tickets sell out quickly. By following the tips mentioned above, you can increase your chances of booking a Tatkal ticket successfully.