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When Do Concert Tickets Go on Sale?

Concerts are one of the most entertaining ways to spend an evening, especially for music lovers. However, to see your favorite artist, you need tickets, and it can be confusing to know exactly when concert tickets go on sale.Every artist and promoter has their way of releasing concert tickets. Understanding these details will help you purchase the tickets you want without missing out. This blog will guide you on when to expect concert tickets to go on sale.

Fan Club Presale

Artists and bands often have dedicated fan clubs. These fan clubs usually offer priority access to concert tickets to their members. As an avid fan of an artist, you should sign up for their fan club’s newsletter to get notified of any presale offers.Fan club members often receive an email with a unique password to unlock the presale offer and buy tickets before the general sale. Fan club presales usually start a few days before the general public sale.

Citi Cardmember Presale

Citi bank offers its customers exclusive pre-sale deals for some concerts. If you hold a Citi credit card, you should check if any upcoming concerts have Citi card pre-sale offers.Citi cardmembers can access pre-sale offers on the Citi Entertainment website. In most cases, Citi card pre-sales also start a few days before the general sale.

Live Nation Presale

Live Nation is a popular concert promoter that offers exclusive presale offers for some concerts. You can create a Live Nation account and sign up for their newsletter to receive notifications on presale offers.Live Nation presales usually start a day or two before the general public sale. However, some Live Nation presales can be accessed by fan club members or Citi cardmembers.

General Sale

The general sale is when concert tickets are open to the public. Tickets for some concerts sell out within minutes of going on sale. So, knowing the exact date and time when the tickets go on sale is crucial to purchasing them.The general sale usually starts a few days to a few weeks after the presale offers. The exact sale day and time can vary depending on the concert, the venue, and the promoter. You can check the following platforms for general sale information:- Artist/Band website- Ticketmaster website- Venue website- Live Nation website

Resale Market

If you missed out on the presales, general sale or need better seats, don’t worry. You can still get concert tickets from the resale market.Ticket resellers like StubHub, Vivid Seats, and SeatGeek allow fans to buy and sell concert tickets. However, you should be careful when purchasing tickets from the resale market.You should only purchase tickets from reputable resellers, as some resellers sell fake tickets. Double-check the ticket price, seat location, and seller’s rating before making a purchase.


Understanding when concert tickets go on sale is essential to secure tickets to see your favorite artists. Fan club, Citi card member, and Live Nation presales offer early access to tickets. The general sale is where tickets are open to the public. Lastly, if you miss out on any presales or public sales, you can still find tickets in the resale market.Now that you know when to expect concert tickets to go on sale, you’re ready to get tickets for your next favorite artist’s show!