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When Can I Watch New Episodes on Peacock?

If you’re looking for a place where you can watch TV shows and movies, then Peacock is a great option to consider. With the massive collection of content, you will never run out of choices. However, a significant concern for viewers is when they can watch new episodes of their favorite TV shows on the Peacock streaming platform. In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about new Peacock episodes and their release dates.

Peacock’s Streaming Schedule

Peacock offers an extensive collection of both original and licensed content, so the release dates of new episodes may vary depending on the TV show or movie. Therefore, it is essential to know the streaming schedule of Peacock to catch up with the latest entertainment.Peacock offers two types of memberships: the standard plan and the premium plan. The standard plan is free to use, and you can watch some limited content. Meanwhile, the premium plan offers all content available on Peacock without ads. You can subscribe to the premium plan for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Here’s what you need to know about Peacock’s streaming schedule based on your subscription:

Standard Plan

If you are using the standard plan, you can expect new episodes of Peacock originals to release based on a weekly schedule after their initial release. For example, let’s say a new episode of a TV show was released on Peacock on Wednesday. The next episode would then release the following Wednesday, continuing on this weekly schedule. However, this may vary for some Peacock originals, and the release date of new episodes may differ.

Premium Plan

If you have a premium plan, you can expect to watch new episodes of Peacock originals all at once. Peacock releases the entire season of a TV show to premium users on the day it premieres on the platform. Therefore, you can watch all the episodes in a single day if you like. However, if a TV show already has some episodes available on Peacock, only the new episodes are released based on the standard schedule, which means they are aired weekly.

Exceptions to Peacock’s Streaming Schedule

It’s important to note that Peacock’s streaming schedule for new episodes may change based on the TV show. Some TV shows have their unique streaming schedules and release new episodes at different times. However, most Peacock originals follow the aforementioned schedule.Another exception is with licensed content, which can leave Peacock after a certain period. For example, Friends is licensed content available on Peacock, and the show’s episodes have an expiration date. Therefore, the streaming schedule of new episodes of Friends varies based on its licensing agreement. You can see the expiration date of licensed content on Peacock’s website or app.

Peacock’s User Interface

Peacock’s user interface is easy to understand and use. When you access a TV show or movie, you’ll be able to see all the episodes available on the platform. If a season of a TV show is not complete, the words “new episodes” will appear next to the TV show’s title when a new episode is available. This way, you can keep track of new episodes and avoid any confusion.


In conclusion, Peacock’s streaming schedule for new episodes of TV shows may vary depending on their licensing agreements and the plan you are subscribed to. However, Peacock provides a clear user interface that makes it easy to keep track of new episodes as they become available. As a viewer, you can rest assured that with Peacock’s wide range of content and reliable streaming schedule, you will never run out of things to watch.