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What To Do When Ticketmaster Crashes

Ticketmaster is the world’s largest ticket marketplace, handling over 500 million transactions in a year. As expected with any platform handling such a vast audience, the website may encounter some issues resulting in shorts of infamy like “Ticketmaster crashed” or “Ticketmaster website not working.” If you encounter such problems, it can be frustrating, especially when trying to purchase tickets for a much-awaited event. Therefore, we have compiled some useful tips to help you navigate through such circumstances.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Typically, slow internet speed, bad Wi-Fi, or network downtimes may prevent Ticketmaster from loading correctly. Therefore, check your Wi-Fi connection and speed by running a speed test. If the issue is due to a bad connection, try restarting your router or switch to mobile data. Afterward, reload the Ticketmaster website and try again.

2. Use Different Browsers

Sometimes, the browser you’re using may prevent Ticketmaster from loading or functioning properly. Therefore, try using different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, among others. If you’re using Google Chrome, try to disable all extensions before reloading the page. Also, ensure the browser you’re using is up to date and clear its cache and cookies.

3. Access Ticketmaster Mobile Application

If the Ticketmaster website is not working, try accessing it through the mobile application. The mobile application is more stable and may function appropriately in most cases. Download and install the mobile application from App Store if you’re using an iPhone or the Play Store if you’re using an Android device.

4. Check Ticketmaster’s Social Media Pages

Ticketmaster’s social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, can provide updates on website crashes and other technical difficulties experienced. They typically offer updates as well as potential solutions and estimated times for website restoration. Checking these pages could ultimately guide you in handling the current situation and may offer insights during the ticket purchasing process.

5. Try Again at a Later Time

If all the above doesn’t work, try accessing Ticketmaster at a later time. Sometimes the website may be experiencing a high number of requests or may be down for maintenance purposes. Therefore, retry purchasing tickets at a later time. Furthermore, if the event is not sold-out, you may have an easier time purchasing tickets outside of peak hours, such as early in the morning or late at night.


In conclusion, encountering errors while using Ticketmaster may be frustrating, but the above-listed solutions can make a significant difference. For future ticket purchases, ensure your internet connection is stable, your browser is up to date, clear your browser’s cache and cookies frequently, and consider downloading the mobile application. In case of any technical difficulties, always check out Ticketmaster’s social media pages for updates and try accessing the website at different times. With persistence and patience, you’ll eventually secure tickets for your desired event.