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What Is World Travel Awards?

If you have been following the tourism industry, you may have come across the term “World Travel Awards.” However, what exactly is World Travel Awards?

World Travel Awards (WTA) is an organization that recognizes and honours leaders in the global travel and tourism industry. It was established in 1993 and is internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious awards programs in the tourism industry.

The Process

The process of selecting the winners for the WTA is done through a voting system. The votes are cast by travel and tourism professionals and members of the public. The voting process is entirely transparent, and the winners are determined solely based on the number of votes they receive.

The competition covers different categories of the tourism industry, such as airlines, hotels, resorts, spas, rental car companies, and tour operators. The nominees are selected based on their outstanding achievements and contributions to their respective categories.

The Importance of World Travel Awards

Winning a World Travel Award is highly significant for tourism industry players. It shows that they have been recognized for their hard work and dedication to their respective areas, and it also adds to their credibility and reputation.

For a company, winning a WTA can also have an impact on its business. A study carried out by Oxford Economics found that companies that won a WTA reported an average of 12% increase in revenue, compared to those that did not win an award.

The Global Significance of World Travel Awards

World Travel Awards is an international organization that operates in different regions around the world. Complete regional ceremonies are conducted, from which the winners are selected to compete in the grand finale. The awards ceremonies are held annually in different locations across the world, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and exposure.

World Travel Awards operates on a global scale, meaning that winning an award is highly significant for companies, regardless of where they are based. The WTA events have heightened the prestige and competitiveness of the travel and tourism industry, leading to innovations and advancements in the industry.


World Travel Awards is an important organization in the tourism industry, recognizing and honouring companies that have excelled in their respective areas. Winning a WTA is highly significant for companies, as it adds to their credibility and reputation in the industry. The awards also provide an opportunity for industry players to network and showcase their work on a global scale. The WTA has contributed significantly to the growth and development of the travel and tourism industry, with its prestige and competitiveness leading to innovations and advancements in the industry.