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What is the Problem with Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is a popular online ticketing company that has been in the business for over four decades. It is the go-to platform for many people who are looking to purchase tickets to various events, including sports, concerts, and theater shows. Over the years, Ticketmaster has faced a lot of criticism due to various issues that have caused problems for both customers and event organizers. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the major problems with Ticketmaster and how they affect consumers.

High Service Fees

One of the biggest complaints about Ticketmaster is its high service fees. Customers who buy tickets through Ticketmaster are charged not only the face value of the ticket but also a substantial service fee that can sometimes be as much as 25% of the ticket price. This means that if a ticket costs $100, a customer may end up paying an additional $25 in service fees. This can be frustrating for customers who feel like they are being charged a fee for no reason.Ticketmaster has defended its service fees saying that they are necessary to cover the cost of processing orders and providing customer support. According to Ticketmaster, the fees go towards improving the overall experience for customers. However, many customers remain unconvinced and feel like the fees are excessive.

Limited Ticket Availability

Another problem with Ticketmaster is the limited availability of tickets to popular events. Many events sell out within seconds of the tickets being made available, leaving many customers disappointed and frustrated. This is often due to the fact that Ticketmaster holds tickets in reserve for presale events and VIP packages, leaving fewer tickets available for general sale. Moreover, Ticketmaster has been criticized for selling tickets to ticket brokers who then resell them at inflated prices. This means that many customers who are unable to buy tickets during the initial sale are forced to pay exorbitant prices on resale websites.

Poor Customer Service

Ticketmaster’s customer service has also been a point of contention for many customers. Customers who have issues with tickets or orders often struggle to get the help they need quickly. This is due to long wait times on the phone, unhelpful customer service representatives, and a general lack of responsiveness from Ticketmaster. Many customers feel like they are left in the dark when they encounter issues with their tickets or orders.


In conclusion, Ticketmaster has faced a lot of criticism over the years due to various issues that have affected customers negatively. From high service fees to limited ticket availability and poor customer service, there are several problems with Ticketmaster that need to be addressed. While Ticketmaster has defended its policies and practices, many customers remain dissatisfied and frustrated with the platform. It is important for Ticketmaster to take these complaints seriously and work towards improving the overall experience for customers.