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What is Passenger Service Fee in Air Tickets?

Passenger Service Fee (PSF) is a fee charged by the airport from passengers for providing certain services and facilities at the airport. It is often included in the airfare for domestic flights, and for international flights, it may be a separate charge. The PSF is imposed to fund the maintenance, repair, and development of facilities and services at the airports. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of PSF and all you need to know about it.

How is Passenger Service Fee Charged?

Passenger Service Fee is charged at the time of purchase of an air ticket, and it may be included in the airfare or shown as a separate charge. The fee is levied by the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for all domestic flights and for international flights; it may vary depending on the airport and the destination country. The PSF for any domestic flight in India is Rs. 149, and for international flights, the fee is Rs. 548. In some cases, the PSF may vary due to location and other factors.

What are the Services Included in Passenger Service Fee?

Passenger Service Fee typically includes services such as baggage handling, security, and maintenance of the airport facilities, among others. It is charged to passengers for the upkeep and development of these services, and it ensures that passengers can have a smooth and comfortable experience when flying. PSF also plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of passengers while traveling.

Who Needs to Pay Passenger Service Fee?

Almost all passengers, irrespective of their age, nationality, and class of travel are required to pay the Passenger Service Fee. Exceptions are made for children below two years of age who travel as an infant without their seat, as well as the airport and airline staff, in some cases.

Is Passenger Service Fee Refundable?

Passenger Service Fee is non-refundable in most cases. However, in some scenarios, such as a canceled flight or a change in travel plans due to an emergency, the fee may be refunded. In such cases, a passenger may apply for a refund through the airline or the airport they purchased their ticket from. It is important to note that even when the refund of PSF is approved, the processing may take some time, and it may not be a priority for many airlines and airports.

The Bottom Line

The Passenger Service Fee is a charge that passengers pay at the time of purchasing an air ticket. It is levied by the airports to fund the maintenance, repair, and development of services and facilities. It plays a crucial role in maintaining safety, comfort, and convenience for passengers during air travel. When booking your next air ticket, be sure to check whether the PSF is included in the airfare or charged separately so you can better understand the total cost of your trip.

Finally, this fee is one of the components of the air ticket cost, and its value changes depending on the city of origin and the destination, as well as whether it is a national or international flight. It is always important to consult the airline’s website or speak with the airline’s customer service to learn more about PSF and other fees applicable to air travel.