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What is Live Nation Presale?

Live Nation Presale is a service that is offered by the Live Nation Entertainment company, which is one of the world’s leading live entertainment companies. Live Nation Presale offers early access to tickets for Live Nation events such as concerts, festivals, and other live performances. This means that users can buy tickets before the general public release date.

How Live Nation Presale Works:

Live Nation Presale works by allowing users to purchase tickets through a unique presale code. This code is provided to members of the public who meet certain criteria that are set by the event organizers. The criteria for obtaining a presale code can vary depending on the event and the location.

Typically, the presale code can be obtained by registering on the event’s official website or through a fan club membership. Other ways to obtain a presale code include subscribing to the artist or venue email newsletter, following the event on social media, or using a credit card that offers a presale code as part of a rewards program.

Once the user has obtained the presale code, they can use it to purchase tickets before they are available to the general public. The presale period usually lasts for a few days, during which time users can purchase tickets for the event. Once the presale period is over, tickets will be made available to the general public.

Benefits of Live Nation Presale:

There are several benefits to using Live Nation Presale, including:

1. Early Access to Tickets:

Live Nation Presale offers early access to tickets, which means that users can secure their tickets before they sell out to the general public. This is especially useful for popular events that are likely to sell out quickly.

2. Better Seats:

During the presale period, users have access to a wider selection of seats. This means that they can choose the best seats in the house before they are taken by the general public.

3. Exclusive Offers:

Users who obtain a presale code may be eligible for exclusive offers such as discounts and VIP packages. This can include access to pre-show parties, meet and greets with the artist, and merchandise bundles.

Things to Consider:

While Live Nation Presale offers many benefits, there are some things to consider before using it. These include:

1. Limited Availability:

Presale codes are often limited to a certain number of users and are typically offered on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that not everyone who wants to access the presale may be able to do so.

2. Ticket Prices:

Ticket prices during the presale period are often higher than the prices for general public tickets. This is because presale tickets are typically in high demand and can be resold at a higher price.

3. Scams:

Scammers may create fake presale codes and sell them to unsuspecting users. It is important to only obtain presale codes from official sources to avoid falling prey to a scam.


Live Nation Presale is a service that offers early access to tickets for Live Nation events such as concerts, festivals, and other live performances. While it offers many benefits, users should be aware of the limited availability, higher ticket prices, and the potential for scams.

If you are interested in using Live Nation Presale, be sure to check the event’s official website for information on how to obtain a presale code. With a bit of research and planning, you can secure your tickets before they sell out to the general public and enjoy an unforgettable live entertainment experience.