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What is Grandstand Seating?

Grandstand seating is a term that refers to elevated and tiered seating areas, usually found at sporting events and open-air concerts. These seats offer a better view of the action and more comfortable seating than general admission tickets. Grandstand seating is designed to provide a panoramic view of the event, especially when it involves racing, equestrian events, and tennis. Spectators can see every corner of the action from their elevated seats.The grandstand seating area is usually made of steel or concrete and is designed to provide comfort and safety for spectators. The seats are usually numbered, and ticket holders can choose their seats, similar to seating plans in movie theaters. Grandstand ticket holders get a better view of the event, as they are seated above the general admission spectators. Grandstand seating is the perfect way to enjoy the event and have a great time with friends and family. Here are some reasons why grandstand seating is preferred over general admission seating.


Grandstand seating is generally more comfortable, with chairs designed for spectator comfort. General admission tickets usually don’t come with seating, and spectators are required to stand for the entire event. The lack of seating often leads to sore feet, back pain, and fatigue, which can make the event less enjoyable. Grandstand seating provides seating for spectators, allowing them to focus on the event instead of their sore feet.

Good View

One of the primary benefits of grandstand seating is the excellent view that spectators get of the event. Grandstand seating is elevated, providing a panoramic view of the action, which is not available to general admission ticket holders who are positioned at a lower level. Spectators can see every corner of the action, which is of particular importance in sports such as horse racing, car racing, and tennis as it aids the spectator in appreciating the technical aspects of the sport.


Grandstand seating is built to withstand a lot of weight, making it safe for spectators to enjoy the event. The materials used in building grandstand seating are strong, and the structures are designed according to building codes and regulations. There are barricades in place to prevent spectators from getting too close to the action, ensuring their safety.


In conclusion, grandstand seating is a great seating option for those attending outdoor events like sporting events and concerts. It offers better comfort, an excellent view of the action, and most importantly, it is safe. Grandstand seating is the perfect way to spend a memorable and comfortable time with friends and family, enjoying an excellent view of the event. When buying tickets, it’s essential to choose grandstand seating as it will provide a better experience of the event.