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What is an Airline Voucher?

An airline voucher is a form of compensation that an airline company offers to its passengers for any inconvenience or problems that are associated with their travel. These vouchers can take different forms, but mostly involve a monetary value that the passenger can use in future purchases from the airline company. Airline vouchers are provided for various reasons, such as delays, cancellations, overbooking, downgrades, and many other issues that can affect the passenger’s journey.

Types of Airline Vouchers

Flight Vouchers

Flight vouchers are airline vouchers that are issued to a passenger to be redeemed for future travel on the same airline. These vouchers usually come with an expiration date and terms and conditions that specify the routes, destinations, and dates that the voucher can be used.

Travel Vouchers

Travel vouchers are airline vouchers that are issued to cover the costs beyond flight-related expenses, such as hotel accommodations, rental cars, and dining expenses. These vouchers can also be used to book future travel in the future.

Reasons for Issuing Airline Vouchers


Delays in flights can happen for various reasons, from weather-related issues to mechanical problems. To compensate passengers for the inconvenience caused by a delay, an airline company may offer vouchers to cover meals, transportation, and other expenses. Alternatively, a voucher may be given to cover future travel on the same airline company.


Airlines sometimes have to cancel flights due to operational or technical issues. In such situations, an airline voucher may be issued as compensation to cover the cost of future travel on the same airline.


Overbooking happens when an airline company sells more tickets than the available seats on a flight. In such situations, the airline may ask for volunteers to give up their seats by offering incentives such as airline vouchers, travel vouchers, or cash compensation.


Airlines may sometimes have to change the class of service for a passenger from a higher class to a lower class. In such instances, an airline voucher can be issued to compensate the passenger for the inconvenience.

How to Redeem an Airline Voucher

To redeem an airline voucher, passengers typically need to follow a few simple steps. The airline company specifies the requirements for redeeming the voucher and the time period within which it must be used. The voucher may also come with certain limitations, such as a blackout period, certain routes, or dates on which it cannot be used.Generally, passengers can redeem the voucher by calling the airline customer service, visiting the airline’s website, or contacting a travel agent who will help them in the redemption process.


Airline vouchers are an airline company’s way of showing appreciation to passengers for their loyalty and patience during difficult situations. They provide a convenient way for airlines to reimburse passengers for any inconvenience caused. An airline voucher can be valuable and useful to any passenger who travels frequently, as it provides extra savings on travel-related expenses. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation where an airline voucher is offered in compensation, it is worth accepting it, even if you do not plan to travel immediately.