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What Happens If You Sell Your Tickets on Ticketmaster?

If you are unable to attend an event for which you have purchased a ticket, there are many options available to you. One of these options is to sell your ticket through Ticketmaster’s resale platform. This platform allows you to sell your ticket to someone else, who will be able to attend the event in your place. But what exactly happens when you sell your tickets on Ticketmaster? This blog post will explore the ins and outs of the Ticketmaster resale platform and what you can expect when you sell your tickets through it.

How Does the Ticketmaster Resale Platform Work?

The Ticketmaster resale platform is an easy and secure way to sell your tickets to someone else. The process is simple – you log into your Ticketmaster account, select the event for which you have an extra ticket, and click the “sell” button. You will then be asked to enter some information about your ticket, such as the seat number and price. Once you have entered this information, your ticket will be listed for sale on the Ticketmaster resale platform.When someone purchases your ticket, Ticketmaster will notify you via email. Your ticket will be canceled, and a new ticket will be issued to the buyer with their name on it. The buyer will receive their new ticket via email, and they will be able to attend the event in your place.Once your ticket has sold, your payment will be credited to your Ticketmaster account, and you can then withdraw the funds to your bank account. Ticketmaster charges a fee for using the resale platform, which is deducted from the payment you receive for your ticket.

What Happens If Your Ticket Does Not Sell?

If your ticket does not sell, it will remain listed on the Ticketmaster resale platform until the event takes place. If the event has already taken place, your ticket will no longer be listed, and you will not be able to sell it through Ticketmaster.If your ticket does not sell, you will not receive a refund for it. You will still have the ticket, so you could try to attend the event yourself, or you could give it away to someone else if you are unable to make it.

What Happens If Your Ticket Sells Twice?

One concern that people have when selling tickets online is the possibility of their ticket selling twice. This could happen if someone purchases your ticket through the Ticketmaster resale platform, but you also sell your ticket through another platform, such as Craigslist.If your ticket sells twice, you will be responsible for refunding one of the buyers. Ticketmaster will notify you if this happens, and you will have to refund one buyer while allowing the other buyer to attend the event with their ticket.It is important to note that if you sell your ticket through another platform, Ticketmaster will not be able to help you if your ticket sells twice. You will need to work it out with the two buyers on your own.


Selling your tickets through Ticketmaster’s resale platform is a convenient way to get rid of tickets that you cannot use while also ensuring that someone else can attend the event in your place. The process is simple and secure, and you will receive payment for your ticket once it sells. However, if your ticket does not sell, you will not receive a refund for it, so it is important to price your ticket competitively.Remember, it is important to only sell your tickets through reputable platforms like Ticketmaster, as selling your tickets through other platforms could result in your tickets being sold twice, or not being sold at all. Always read the terms and conditions carefully before using any ticket resale platform, and make sure you understand the fees associated with selling your tickets.By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your experience selling your tickets on Ticketmaster is a smooth and hassle-free one.