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What Happened to Grant Wahl? All You Need to Know

Grant Wahl, a famous American journalist, is known for his exceptional work covering soccer news. He worked for Sports Illustrated for more than two decades, covering major soccer events, interviewees, and writing in-depth pieces about soccer.However, his sudden departure from Sports Illustrated in 2019 took many by surprise, leaving soccer fans with many unanswered questions. So, what happened to Grant Wahl? In this blog post, we’ll look into the details, including the reason behind his departure from Sports Illustrated, his current activities, and what he has been up to lately.

What Led to Grant Wahl’s Departure from Sports Illustrated?

Wahl, who had been with Sports Illustrated since 1996, left the company in 2019. His departure was sudden and came as a surprise to many, especially those who have followed his work for years.While there was no official statement from either Wahl or Sports Illustrated about the reason behind his departure, many speculated it was due to internal disagreements and differences between Wahl and the management. Wahl himself wrote on Twitter: “I am grateful to Sports Illustrated for 22+ years and so many incredible colleagues. Today marks the start of a new chapter. Can’t wait.”It is worth noting that Sports Illustrated went through significant changes in 2019, as Chris Stone, the managing editor, was let go. Some speculated that this move may have led to Wahl’s decision.

Grant Wahl’s Current Activities

After leaving Sports Illustrated, Wahl did not disappear from the media landscape. Instead, he continued doing what he does best: covering soccer. Wahl’s departure from Sports Illustrated opened up exciting new opportunities for him. He signed with FOX Sports later in 2019, covering Major League Soccer, the U.S. men’s and women’s national teams, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Wahl is also a studio analyst on FOX’s TV coverage of the Bundesliga.In addition, he hosts a popular soccer podcast titled “Football with Grant Wahl,” where he interviews the sport’s most prominent names and covers current soccer events. The podcast regularly ranks among the best in the sports category on Apple Podcasts, with thousands of listeners tuning in each week.Lastly, Wahl has also authored several books, including “The Beckham Experiment,” which chronicles a significant moment in MLS history, and “Masters of Modern Soccer: How the World’s Best Play the Twenty-First Century Game.” Both books received rave reviews from soccer fans and critics alike.


Grant Wahl’s departure from Sports Illustrated may have come as a surprise to many, but it seems that he is thriving in his new endeavors. Wahl has built up an impressive resume over the years and continues to produce some of the best soccer journalism around.With his work at FOX Sports, his podcast, and his books, Wahl remains one of the most respected and prominent figures in the soccer media world.Although we may never know the precise reason behind his departure from Sports Illustrated, soccer fans worldwide are grateful for his continued dedication and continued coverage of the sport.