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What are Grandstand Tickets?

When it comes to watching a sports event or a concert, there are typically two types of tickets available to the audience: general admission and reserved seating. While general admission tends to offer the audience access to a standing area, reserved seating refers to specific seats in a venue that are designated for ticket holders. Among reserved seating, one type that offers a unique experience and a good view of the event is grandstand tickets.

What is a Grandstand?

A grandstand is a large outdoor seating area that is typically found in sporting venues. It is an elevated structure that offers a clear view of the playing field or track. Grandstands are usually located around the perimeter of the field or track, with seats arranged in multiple rows. The term “grandstand” originates from the idea of a roofed structure that was originally built for spectators to watch horse races.

What are Grandstand Tickets?

Grandstand tickets are tickets that provide access to a designated seating area in a grandstand. These tickets are typically priced higher than general admission tickets due to the better location and view of the event. Grandstand tickets are often recommended for people who want a comfortable and elevated view for prolonged periods of time during the event.

Why Choose Grandstand Tickets?

Choosing a grandstand ticket can offer a variety of benefits, depending on the event and venue. Some of the main reasons why you might want to choose a grandstand ticket include:

Better View of the Event

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a grandstand ticket is the view you get to enjoy. Grandstand seats are elevated, which means you’ll have a better view of the event, whether it’s a sports game, race, or concert. Since you’ll have a reserved seat, you won’t have to worry about obstructed views or people standing in your way.

More Comfortable Seating

Grandstand seats are typically more comfortable than general admission seating. These seats are typically made of plastic, have backrests, and can be wider than seats found in other areas of the venue. Additionally, grandstands provide a more organized and orderly seating experience than general admission, where guests often have to fight over space and position.

Improved Experience

By choosing grandstand seats, you’ll be able to enjoy the event more fully. You won’t have to worry about people standing in front of you, and you’ll have a clearer and unobstructed view of the event. You’ll also have a more comfortable experience, which can make the event more enjoyable overall.

Examples of Grandstand Tickets

Grandstand tickets are common in a wide range of events, from concerts to horse races. Some examples of grandstand tickets include:

Grandstand Tickets for Racing Events

Grandstand tickets are commonly available for racing events, such as horse racing, stock car racing, and other motor sports. Racing events often have grandstands arranged around the race track, with reserved seating available for guests.

Grandstand Tickets for Sporting Events

Many sporting events, such as football, baseball, and basketball games, may offer grandstand tickets to patrons. These tickets offer an elevated view of the action and a comfortable seating experience.

Grandstand Tickets for Concerts and Festivals

Concerts and music festivals often offer grandstand tickets, which provide an elevated view of the stage area. These tickets may be available in outdoor venues where there are no seats, or in indoor venues where there is seating available.


Grandstand tickets offer a unique experience for guests attending events. With an elevated view, comfortable seating, and an improved experience overall, grandstand tickets can be an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy a game, race, concert, or festival. Whether you’re seeking a better view or just looking for a more enjoyable experience, grandstand tickets are a great option to consider.