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Was Movie Ticket to Paradise Filmed in Bali?

Movie Ticket to Paradise is a romantic comedy film that was released in 2021. The film tells the story of Olivia, a travel blogger, who wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Bali. Once she arrives in Bali, she finds herself on a romantic adventure with a charming local guide named Agung. Since the release of the movie, many people have been wondering whether the movie was actually filmed in Bali or not. In this blog post, we’ll answer this question with strong evidence and provide you with additional information related to the movie’s filming locations.

So, Was the Movie Filmed in Bali?

Yes, the movie was entirely filmed in Bali. The production team spent several weeks filming in various locations around Bali, including Ubud, Jimbaran, and Canggu. A few behind-the-scenes videos and images from the movie’s set were shared online, which provide solid evidence that the movie was filmed in Bali.

One of the primary filming locations was the town of Ubud, which is located in central Bali. This town is known for its lush rice paddies, ancient temples, and dense forests. Many scenes from the movie were filmed in Ubud, including the scenes where Olivia and Agung ride through the rice paddies and visit the monkey forest.

Another filming location was the beach of Jimbaran, which is located on the southern coast of Bali. This beach is known for its stunning sunsets and fresh seafood. Several scenes from the movie were filmed on this beach, including the scene where Olivia and Agung have dinner on the beach.

Canggu, a coastal village on the island’s southwestern coast, was also used as a filming location. This area is known for its black sand beaches and world-class surf breaks. A few scenes from the movie were filmed in various locations in Canggu, including the scenes where Olivia and Agung surf and explore the town.

Additional Information

Movie Ticket to Paradise was directed by Clare Niederpruem and written by Karen Schaler. The film stars Katie Cassidy, Wyatt Nash, and Michelle Randolph. The film was produced by Beth Grossbard Productions and was released on March 26, 2021.

Bali is a popular filming location for movies and TV shows. The island’s diverse landscapes, culture, and people make it an attractive location for filmmakers. Other popular movies that were filmed in Bali include Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts, and South Pacific starring Mitzi Gaynor.


In conclusion, the evidence suggests that Movie Ticket to Paradise was indeed filmed in Bali. The movie’s beautiful locations and stunning scenery showcase Bali’s unique culture and landscapes. Bali is a must-see destination for travelers who are looking for adventure, relaxation, or romance.

If you are planning to visit Bali or any other destination in Indonesia, make sure to research the local culture and customs before you go. By doing so, you’ll be able to better immerse yourself in the local culture and experience all that the country has to offer.