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The Place Where Theatre Tickets Are Sold

Are you planning to watch a play in a theatre? Then your first step should be to buy tickets for the show. The question is, where can you buy theatre tickets? In this blog post, we will discuss the various places where you can purchase theatre tickets.

1. Theatre Box Office

The most common place to buy theatre tickets is the box office located at the theatre. A theatre box office is a counter or a ticket booth that sells tickets for the shows performed at that theatre. You can visit the box office in person or call them to book your tickets.Buying tickets from the box office has its advantages. You can get your hands on the best seats in the house, and you also have the option to choose your preferred seats. Box office tickets also eliminate the necessity of paying any additional fees, which is an advantage over buying tickets online.

2. Online Ticketing Websites

Another convenient option for buying theatre tickets is online ticketing websites. Some of the popular websites that sell theatre tickets are Ticketmaster, StubHub, and SeatGeek. These websites allow you to browse through the shows and choose your preferred seats.Online ticketing websites offer various perks like discounts, package deals, and early bird offers. They also provide the convenience of buying tickets from the comfort of your home. However, be aware that there may be additional fees such as processing and handling charges.

3. Third-Party Resellers

If a show is sold out, you can still get tickets from third-party resellers such as Craigslist, eBay, or even scalpers. However, buying from these sources comes with a warning. There is a high probability that you may end up paying more than the original ticket price. Ticket scalping is illegal, and your ticket may not be valid.When buying tickets from third-party resellers, there is no guarantee of the authenticity of the tickets. Tickets may be counterfeit, and you may not be aware of it until you reach the theatre. Therefore, it is always better to buy tickets from authorized sources.

4. Mobile Applications

Mobile applications like TodayTix and Goldstar offer great deals on theatre tickets. These apps allow you to browse through multiple shows and book tickets instantly. Most importantly, they offer mobile-only exclusive deals and discounts that you cannot find anywhere else.Mobile applications come with their own convenience. You can book tickets on the go and receive alerts for upcoming shows. However, be sure to read the reviews of the app before downloading it to avoid any fraudulent activities.

5. Ticket Lottery

Some Broadway shows conduct a digital lottery for their tickets. The tickets are sold at a considerably lower price than the regular price. You can participate in the lottery by downloading a mobile app or going to the theatre’s official website.The digital ticket lottery has its rules and regulations. You may have to participate in the lottery a few times to win tickets. However, the risk is worth taking as you can land cheap tickets.


In conclusion, there are various places where you can purchase theatre tickets. The most preferred way is to buy tickets from the box office or online ticketing websites. Always be wary of scalpers and third-party resellers. Lastly, try your luck with ticket lotteries to land the best deals.Remember that before you purchase the theatre tickets, be sure to check the show timings, the location of the show, and any additional rules and regulations. Make sure that you’re buying tickets from a trusted source, and verify the authenticity of the tickets you receive. With that, you’re ready to enjoy the play.