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Paradise Cinema Faizabad Ticket Price

Paradise Cinema is a popular movie theater located in Faizabad city, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is known for its quality service and a comfortable movie-watching experience. As movie-goers plan their visit to this cinema, one of the most important factors they consider is the ticket price.In this blog post, we will discuss the ticket prices for Paradise Cinema Faizabad, along with other important details that every movie-goer should know.

Ticket Prices for Paradise Cinema Faizabad

The ticket prices for Paradise Cinema Faizabad depend on various factors, including the time of the day, the day of the week, the type of movie, and the language of the movie. Generally, the ticket prices for this cinema range from INR 70 to INR 150. On weekdays, the ticket price for a regular show is INR 70, while on weekends and public holidays, it goes up to INR 100. The ticket price for a 3D movie on weekdays is INR 120, while on weekends and public holidays, it is INR 150.Note that ticket prices may vary depending on the time of the day. Some theaters offer discounted rates for morning and afternoon shows, while others offer higher rates for evening and night shows.

Booking Tickets for Paradise Cinema Faizabad

Booking tickets for Paradise Cinema Faizabad is an easy and hassle-free process. You can book your tickets online through various third-party booking websites or directly from the cinema’s website. To book the tickets online, you need to select the movie, the date, the time of the show, and the number of seats you require. After selecting the desired options, you need to make the payment through various online modes, such as credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets.Another way to book the tickets is by visiting the cinema’s ticket counter. You can visit the counter, select the desired movie, and purchase the tickets by paying cash or through credit/debit cards.

Other Important Details

Paradise Cinema Faizabad offers various facilities and services to make your movie-watching experience comfortable and enjoyable. Some of the facilities available at this cinema include air-conditioning, comfortable seats, and a variety of snacks and beverages.The cinema also has a good sound system and a large screen to enhance the movie-watching experience. Additionally, the theater ensures that the movie is played on time and there is no delay in procedures.


In conclusion, Paradise Cinema Faizabad is a popular movie theater among movie-goers in Faizabad city. The ticket prices for this theater are reasonable, and the booking process is easy and hassle-free. The cinema offers various facilities and services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable movie-watching experience. Therefore, it is a great place to visit for movie lovers in the city.