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Is Ticketmaster Verified Fan Legit: Here’s What You Need To Know

Buying concert or event tickets can seem like an impossible task. So, when Ticketmaster announced its Verified Fan program, which promises a more secure and fair ticket buying experience, people were understandably excited. However, there has been some skepticism surrounding the program, leaving some to wonder if Ticketmaster Verified Fan is legit.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Ticketmaster Verified Fan and determine if it’s a legitimate way to purchase tickets for your favorite events.

What is Ticketmaster Verified Fan?

Ticketmaster Verified Fan is a program designed to ensure that tickets for high-demand events are purchased by genuine fans and not scalpers or bots. The program is free, and users can sign up for Verified Fan with their Ticketmaster account. When a popular event is announced, fans can register for the Verified Fan program and, if selected, receive a unique code that allows them to purchase tickets for that event.

How Does Ticketmaster Verified Fan Work?

When fans sign up for the Verified Fan program, Ticketmaster uses a complex algorithm that looks at various factors, such as ticket buying history, social media activity, and location, to determine if they’re genuine fans. The algorithm then assigns a score to each fan, and fans with the highest scores are more likely to receive a code that will allow them to purchase tickets for the event.

Ticketmaster will also ask fans to complete additional tasks, such as watching a video, answering a survey, or buying merchandise related to the event, to increase their chances of receiving a code.

Is Ticketmaster Verified Fan Legitimate?

With the rise of ticket scalpers and bots, it’s no secret that many fans are left disappointed when they can’t get tickets for their favorite events. Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program was introduced to combat this issue and ensure that genuine fans have a fair shot at purchasing tickets.

However, some fans have been skeptical of the Verified Fan program. Some have claimed that the algorithm doesn’t work correctly, resulting in genuine fans not receiving codes, while others have accused Ticketmaster of using the program as a way to collect data on fans that they can then use for marketing purposes.

Despite these concerns, the general consensus among fans is that the Verified Fan program is legitimate. Many have reported receiving codes and successfully purchasing tickets for their favorite events through the program. Ticketmaster has also stated that the program has been successful in combating scalping and bots, resulting in a fairer ticket buying experience.

Pros and Cons of Ticketmaster Verified Fan


  • Ensures that genuine fans have a fair shot at purchasing tickets
  • Completely free to use
  • Can increase your chances of receiving a code by completing additional tasks


  • Some genuine fans may not receive codes due to the algorithm’s limitations
  • The program may be used to collect data on fans for marketing purposes


Overall, Ticketmaster Verified Fan is a legitimate way to purchase tickets for high-demand events. The program has been successful in ensuring that genuine fans can purchase tickets and has helped to combat scalping and bots. However, there are some limitations to the algorithm, and those who don’t receive a code may feel let down. Additionally, some users have expressed concern about Ticketmaster’s use of the program for marketing purposes.

That said, we believe that Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program is, on the whole, a positive development for those looking to purchase event tickets. If you’re interested in attending a popular event and want to increase your chances of getting tickets, we recommend signing up for Ticketmaster Verified Fan.

We hope this article has been helpful in answering the question of whether or not Ticketmaster Verified Fan is legit. Happy ticket buying!