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Is There a Problem with Ticketmaster Right Now?

If you have been trying to purchase tickets for events recently, you may have noticed that Ticketmaster has been experiencing some issues. These issues have left many people wondering if there is a problem with Ticketmaster right now. In this blog post, we will explore the current state of Ticketmaster and try to determine if there are any ongoing issues affecting the ticket buying process.

What is Ticketmaster?

Before we dive into the current state of Ticketmaster, let’s first understand what Ticketmaster is. Ticketmaster is an American ticket sales and distribution company that operates in many countries around the world. The company was founded in 1976 and has since become one of the largest providers of live event tickets.

The Current Problems with Ticketmaster

Over the past few months, there have been several reports of customers having trouble purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster. The issues seem to be related to the website’s functionality and not the availability of tickets for purchase.The specific problem that many customers have reported is that they are unable to complete their purchase once they have added tickets to their cart. The Ticketmaster website will either crash, return an error message or simply time-out, leaving customers unable to complete their purchase.

What is Ticketmaster Doing to Fix the Problem?

Ticketmaster has acknowledged that there is an issue with their website and has stated that they are working to resolve the problem. In a statement posted on their website, Ticketmaster stated that they are “aware of the issues that some of our customers have been experiencing and are actively working to resolve them.”In addition to this statement, Ticketmaster has also released a customer service number that customers can call if they are experiencing issues with purchasing tickets through the website. The company has also encouraged customers to keep trying to purchase tickets as they work to resolve the issue.

How are Customers Reacting to the Problems?

The problems with Ticketmaster have left many customers frustrated and angry. Some customers have taken to social media to voice their complaints and frustration with the company. Many customers have expressed their disappointment in the company and have stated that they will be looking for other options to purchase tickets.


In conclusion, there does appear to be a problem with Ticketmaster currently. The company has acknowledged the issues and is actively working to resolve them. If you have been having trouble purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster, it is recommended that you keep trying or call their customer service number for assistance.While the problems with Ticketmaster are frustrating for customers, it is important to remember that the company is working to resolve the issues and has a strong track record of providing customers with access to live events. Hopefully, the company will be able to resolve the issues soon and customers can once again purchase tickets with ease.