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Is Monopoly Big Baller Rigged?

Monopoly Big Baller is an updated version of the classic board game Monopoly. With the rise of the online gaming industry, this new version was launched, with improved graphics and extra features that make the game more exciting. However, some players have expressed concerns that the game is rigged, and that the outcome is predetermined by the system. In this blog post, we will look into these claims and determine whether Monopoly Big Baller is actually rigged or not.

How Does Monopoly Big Baller Work?

Before we delve into whether the game is rigged, it is important to understand how Monopoly Big Baller works. The game is played online, and the rules are similar to the classic board game. Players roll the dice and move around the virtual board, buying properties and charging rent to other players who land on their spaces. The goal of the game is to acquire wealth and property, bankrupting other players along the way.Monopoly Big Baller has added a few modern twists to the game to keep things interesting. There is now the introduction of power towers, which offer rewards and bonuses to players who successfully build them. Also, players can now earn “instant win” prizes by completing certain tasks or missions within the game.

The Claims of Rigging

Now, many players have expressed their concerns that Monopoly Big Baller is rigged. Some believe that the system is predetermined and that the outcome is based on algorithms rather than the roll of the dice. Others believe that the game favors certain players, particularly those who spend more money on in-app purchases.There have been numerous online discussions and debates about this topic, and some players have shared their experiences of losing repeatedly, regardless of the strategy employed. It is easy to see why such claims have been made, given that the game is powered by a computer program that controls the outcomes.

Is Monopoly Big Baller Rigged?

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Monopoly Big Baller is rigged. Like any other game, the outcome of Monopoly Big Baller is determined by chance, and it is impossible for the developers to control the outcome of each game. The game is developed by a reputable company, and it is regularly updated to fix any bugs or glitches that may affect the outcome of the game.The fact that some players lose repeatedly can be attributed to bad luck rather than a rigged game. Monopoly Big Baller is a game of strategy, and players who employ sound tactics and make wise investments are more likely to be successful in the long run.

Is There Any Advantage Given to Paying Players?

As for the concerns about players who spend money on in-app purchases having an advantage over those who do not, this is also unfounded. While it is true that players can buy “instant win” prizes, these prizes are usually small and can be earned through completing missions or tasks within the game. There is no substantial advantage for paying players, as the game is structured in a way that allows all players to have an equal chance of winning.


In conclusion, Monopoly Big Baller is not rigged, and there is no evidence to support such claims. The game is developed by a reputable company, and it is regularly updated to fix any bugs that may affect the outcome of the game. While some players may experience bad luck and lose repeatedly, this can be attributed to chance rather than a rigged system. The game is designed to be fair for all players, regardless of their financial status. So, if you are a fan of Monopoly, go ahead and give Monopoly Big Baller a try, as it is a fun and exciting way to play the classic board game online.