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Is LiveFootballTickets Safe?

LiveFootballTickets is a platform that provides an online ticket exchange service for football fans who want to buy or sell tickets for football matches. However, people often wonder if it’s safe to use LiveFootballTickets to purchase football tickets. In this blog post, we will discuss different aspects of LiveFootballTickets to provide an accurate answer to this question.

What is LiveFootballTickets?

LiveFootballTickets is a platform that allows users to buy or sell football tickets online. The platform is not affiliated with any football club or organization. LiveFootballTickets acts as a middleman and takes a commission on all transactions on its platform.LiveFootballTickets provides an avenue for football fans to purchase tickets for popular football competitions like the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and other major football tournaments. The platform sells both regular and VIP tickets.

How Does LiveFootballTickets Work?

Users can buy or sell tickets through LiveFootballTickets platform. Users who want to buy tickets can search for their preferred matches on the LiveFootballTickets website, select the number of tickets they need, complete payment, and wait for their tickets to be delivered.Sellers can also list their tickets on the platform for sale. They need to create an account and then list the tickets they want to sell, along with details such as seat location, match details, and price.

Is LiveFootballTickets Legitimate?

LiveFootballTickets is a legitimate platform. The platform has been in operation since 2004 and has successfully facilitated thousands of ticket transactions. LiveFootballTickets is registered with the UK government as a private limited company (Company No. 06294598), and it also operates under a valid UK VAT registration (VAT No. 980613350).LiveFootballTickets is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) which is an industry body that ensures fair trading, ethical practices, and customer protection. Therefore, it can be concluded that LiveFootballTickets is legitimate and safe to use.

Is LiveFootballTickets Safe?

While LiveFootballTickets is a legitimate platform, there are some risks involved, just like any other secondary ticket sales platform. The primary risk is that of getting fake tickets, which can ruin a fan’s experience and result in losing money.LiveFootballTickets attempts to mitigate this risk by working only with trusted ticket sellers and checking the authenticity of tickets. However, there have been reports of fans getting fake tickets from the platform, which suggests that LiveFootballTickets is not completely immune to this risk.

How to Minimize the Risk of Fake Tickets on LiveFootballTickets?

There are several steps fans can take to minimize the risk of getting fake tickets when buying through LiveFootballTickets:1. Research the seller- fans should research the seller on LiveFootballTickets before buying tickets. They should look for reviews and feedback from previous buyers to understand the seller’s history and reputation.2. Check the ticket details- fans should cross-check the ticket details such as the match date, time, seat location, and price with the club website to ensure the ticket is genuine.3. Check for authenticity- fans should check the authenticity of the ticket by looking for security features such as holograms, watermarks, and barcodes.4. Buy from trusted sellers- fans should only buy tickets from trusted sellers with a positive track record on LiveFootballTickets platform.


LiveFootballTickets is a legitimate and safe platform to buy football tickets. However, like any other secondary ticket sales platform, there are risks involved in the transaction, primarily relating to the genuineness of the tickets. Fans can mitigate these risks by following the steps outlined above, such as researching the seller, checking the ticket details, and buying from trusted sellers. Therefore, it is safe to use LiveFootballTickets, but it’s important to remain cautious and take measures to minimize the potential risks involved.