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How to update your American Airlines boarding pass?

If you’re heading to the airport and need to update your boarding pass on American Airlines, don’t fret. The process is quick and easy. In this post, we will show you how to update your boarding pass with minimal fuss, quickly and easily.First, you’ll need to head to the American Airlines website.

Step 1: Go to the American Airlines website

To get started, access the American Airlines website. If you’re not sure of the URL, type “American Airlines” into your search engine of choice and click on the first link that pops up. Once you’re on the homepage, look for the “Manage Reservations” tab at the top of the page and click on it.

Step 2: Enter your trip information

You’ll need to enter the necessary trip details to update your boarding pass. These details include your booking reference number or the ticket number of your trip, your name, and your destination.Once you fill in the necessary information, you can access your trip details, including the option to update your boarding pass.

Step 3: Update your boarding pass

To update your boarding pass, you’ll need to click on the “Update” or “Change” button next to your current boarding pass or reservation. This will bring up a new window, and you will be able to make any necessary changes to your boarding pass. Be sure to double-check all the details carefully before submitting any changes.

Step 4: Save your updated boarding pass

After updating your boarding pass details, you’ll be prompted to save a copy in two ways. The first option is to print it, while the second option is to have a digital copy sent to your email or phone.The digital copy is the most convenient option as you can access it quickly and easily through your device.

Final thoughts:

Updating your American Airlines boarding pass can seem intimidating, but with the right steps, it’s a hassle-free process. Use this guide to update your boarding pass next time you’re flying with American Airlines. Remember, if you encounter any problems or questions while updating your boarding pass, American Airlines customer service is always available to help.