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How to Transfer Tickets on Ticketmaster and Get Paid

Planning a trip to a concert, sports event, or any festivities but changed your plans at the last minute? You might have bought a non-refundable or non-transferable ticket on Ticketmaster. In such situations, Ticketmaster allows you to transfer your tickets to someone else, but the process can seem a little complicated. However, if you follow these guidelines, you can transfer your tickets on Ticketmaster and get paid without any hassle.

What You Need to Transfer Your Tickets on Ticketmaster

Before we dive into the process of transferring your tickets, make sure to have the following:

  • Your Ticketmaster Account ID and password
  • The email address of the receiver you want to transfer the ticket to
  • An idea of how much you want to charge for the ticket (if you wish to charge anything)

Steps to Transfer Tickets on Ticketmaster and Get Paid

Now that you have all the necessary information, let’s dig deeper into how to transfer tickets on Ticketmaster.Step 1: Log in to your Ticketmaster account.Go to the Ticketmaster website and log in with your account ID and password. If you don’t have an account, create one by clicking on “Sign In” and selecting “join.”Step 2: Find and select the ticket you want to transfer.Click on “My Tickets” and select the ticket you want to transfer. After selecting the ticket, click on “Transfer Tickets.”Step 3: Choose the recipient and enter the transfer details.Enter the recipient’s email address, the number of tickets to transfer, the price, and add any additional notes. Review the details and click on “Transfer.”Step 4: Confirm the transfer.Once you confirm the transfer, Ticketmaster will send a notification email to the recipient, informing them about the ticket transfer. If the recipient already has a Ticketmaster account, they will get the tickets directly through the Ticketmaster account. Otherwise, Ticketmaster will guide them to create a new account to view and accept the transferred tickets.Step 5: Receive payment for the transferred ticket (optional).If you have added a price while transferring the ticket, Ticketmaster will generate a refund for you when the recipient accepts the ticket transfer. The refund will be in the same form you used to purchase the ticket, i.e., if you purchased the ticket through a credit card, you will receive the refunded amount in your credit card account.

Tips for a Successful Ticket Transfer on Ticketmaster

  • Double-check the recipient’s email before finalizing the ticket transfer
  • If you choose to charge a fee for the ticket, make sure it’s reasonable and market competitive
  • If the recipient has trouble receiving the ticket transfer, suggest they go through the Ticketmaster FAQs or contact the customer support team

The Bottom Line

Ticket transfer on Ticketmaster is a quick and easy process. Just ensure you have all the required information beforehand to make the ticket transfer process a smooth one. Follow the above steps, and you will be able to transfer your tickets on Ticketmaster and, if required, get paid for it. Keep in mind all the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be all set for a successful ticket transfer.