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How to Get Ticketmaster Presale Tickets with American Express

Ticketmaster is the go-to platform for purchasing tickets to concerts, sports events, theater shows, and more. Getting presale tickets on Ticketmaster can be a great way to secure your seats before the general public. Amex cardholders have the added benefit of gaining access to exclusive presale tickets for a variety of events. If you’re an Amex cardholder, here’s how you can get your hands on Ticketmaster presale tickets.

Step 1: Check for Amex Presale Events

The first and most important step to getting Amex presale tickets on Ticketmaster is to check for Amex presale events. You can do this by visiting the American Express website and searching for “presale tickets.” This will show you a list of current presale events that are available to Amex cardholders.

Step 2: Get Your Amex Card Ready

Before you can purchase your presale tickets, you need to make sure you have your Amex card ready to use. Check that your card is valid and has not expired. If you don’t have an Amex card, you can apply for one on the American Express website.

Step 3: Locate the Ticketmaster Presale Event

Once you have found a presale event that you want to attend, click on the link provided to go to the Ticketmaster website. On the Ticketmaster website, you should be able to find the presale event page. This page will have information on the event, as well as a button to access the presale tickets.

Step 4: Enter Your Amex Presale Code

To access the presale tickets, you will need to enter your Amex presale code. This code can be found on the Amex presale event page, or it may be emailed to you if you have signed up for Amex presale ticket alerts. Enter the code in the designated box and click “Apply.”

Step 5: Purchase Your Tickets

Once you have successfully entered your Amex presale code, you should be able to access the presale tickets for the event. Select the tickets you want to purchase and follow the checkout process. You will need to enter your Amex card details to complete the transaction.

Tips for Getting Amex Presale Tickets on Ticketmaster

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to get Amex presale tickets on Ticketmaster:

  • Be ready to purchase your tickets as soon as the presale begins. The best seats tend to go quickly.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection and a device that is compatible with the Ticketmaster website.
  • Double-check that your Amex presale code is correct before entering it on the Ticketmaster website.
  • If you are having trouble accessing the presale tickets, contact Ticketmaster customer support for assistance.


Getting Amex presale tickets on Ticketmaster can be a great way to secure your seats for a popular event. By following these steps and tips, you can increase your chances of snagging great seats and having a memorable experience. Remember to always double-check your information and act fast, as presale tickets tend to sell out quickly.