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How to Get Presale Tickets on Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is one of the most popular online platforms for purchasing tickets for concerts, sports events, and other live shows. One of the most exciting things for fans is the presale period, where they can purchase tickets before the general public. However, acquiring presale tickets is not easy, which is why we have created this guide to help you understand how to get presale tickets on Ticketmaster.

What are Presale Tickets?

Presale tickets are tickets that are available for purchase before the general public on-sale date. They are typically available to specific groups of people, such as those who have a certain credit card, are members of fan clubs, or subscribe to newsletters. Presale tickets offer fans the opportunity to secure their tickets before they sell out or before scalpers purchase and resell them at a much higher price.

How to Get Presale Tickets on Ticketmaster

Getting presale tickets on Ticketmaster requires a little bit of effort and perseverance. However, the following tips can help increase your chances of securing presale tickets:

Sign-up for Ticketmaster

The first thing you need to do is sign-up for a Ticketmaster account. Signing up for a Ticketmaster account is free and easy. You will need to provide your name, email address, and other contact information. Having an account ensures that you are ready to purchase tickets once they become available during a presale or general sale.

Join Fan Clubs

Many artists have fan clubs or mailing lists that you can join for free or for a small fee. Being a member of a fan club can give you access to presale codes that will allow you to purchase tickets before the general public.

Follow Artists and Venues

Following your favorite artists and venues on social media can be a great way to find out about special offers and presale opportunities. Many artists and venues announce presales via their social media accounts, so following them could give you the inside scoop on upcoming shows.

Subscribe to Newsletters

Ticketmaster also offers newsletters that you can subscribe to for free. These newsletters provide subscribers with information on upcoming shows, presale opportunities, and other special offers. Subscribing to these newsletters can increase your chances of receiving presale codes.

Use Ticketmaster Verified Fan Program

Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program is designed to ensure that fans have access to tickets for popular shows. This program requires fans to register in advance and complete a simple verification process to prove they are not scalpers. If you are successfully verified, you will receive a code that will allow you to purchase presale tickets.

Utilize Social Media Presales and Promotions

Many artists and venues also offer social media presales and promotions. These presales are typically announced via social media and require fans to follow specific instructions to purchase presale tickets. These promotions usually require fans to use a specific code to access the presale tickets.

Set Reminders

Finally, it is essential to set reminders for presale dates and times. Presale tickets often sell out quickly, so it is crucial to be ready to purchase tickets as soon as they become available. Setting reminders on your phone or calendar can ensure that you do not miss out on the opportunity to purchase presale tickets.


In conclusion, getting presale tickets on Ticketmaster requires a little bit of effort, but it is worth it for fans who want to secure their tickets before the general public. Follow the tips outlined in this guide and sign-up for a Ticketmaster account to increase your chances of getting presale tickets. Good luck and enjoy the show!