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How to Get in Queue on Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is a popular online platform that enables people to purchase tickets for various events, such as concerts, sports games, and plays, among others. Due to the high demand for tickets, it can be challenging to get the tickets you need, and you might need to wait in a queue to get access to them. Here, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to get in queue on Ticketmaster and improve your odds of purchasing the tickets you want.

1. Download the Ticketmaster app

If you do not have an account with Ticketmaster, you need to create one to access its services. Once you create an account, you can download the Ticketmaster app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. The Ticketmaster app is free to download, and it provides users with a more straightforward and faster way of purchasing tickets compared to using the website. Additionally, the app notifies users of upcoming events, on-sale dates, and priority presale options.

2. Check the event details and on-sale dates

Before the tickets go on sale for a particular event, Ticketmaster provides information about the event, such as the venue, date, time, price, and ticket availability. You should make sure that you have all the details regarding the event you want to attend so that you can plan accordingly. Additionally, you should check the on-sale dates and times for the event, which vary depending on factors such as the type of venue, artist or team popularity, and other factors.

3. Enter the Waiting Room

To get access to the tickets, you need to enter the Waiting Room, which is Ticketmaster’s way of managing traffic to its site during high-demand times. The Waiting Room is a virtual queue where customers wait to access Ticketmaster’s ticket inventory. Once you are in the Waiting Room, you will be placed in a queue and wait for your turn to access the site. To enter the Waiting Room, click on the event you want to attend and follow the prompts until you reach the Waiting Room page.

4. Stay in the Waiting Room

Once you are in the Waiting Room, do not refresh or close the Ticketmaster page. Refreshing or closing the page will remove you from the Waiting Room, and you will have to start the process all over again. Alternatively, you can use the “Minimize” feature to reduce the page’s size, allowing you to attend to other tasks on your computer while you wait.

5. Do not use multiple devices or browsers

Using multiple devices or browsers to access Ticketmaster’s site at the same time can land you in trouble with Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster views this as bot activity, and it can ban you from using its services. Therefore, it is recommended that you use only one device or browser to access the site. Additionally, you cannot refresh or reload the page, as this can also result in a ban.

6. Be ready with your credit card and billing address

When it’s your turn to access the ticket inventory, you should be ready with your credit card and billing address details. You might have limited time to complete your purchase, and any delays can result in you losing the tickets to other buyers. Additionally, double-check that the details you provide are correct to avoid any errors that could compromise your purchase.

7. Use priority presale options

Priority presale options are special access codes offered to Ticketmaster users, allowing them to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. You can get priority presale options through sponsor partnerships, credit card companies, fan clubs, venue newsletters, or social media. Using priority presale options will give you a better chance of getting the tickets you want.

8. Try different events and venues

If the event you want to attend is sold out or if you can’t get a favorable spot in the Waiting Room, you can try other events or venues. Ticketmaster offers a wide range of events across different genres, and you might find another event that interests you. Additionally, different venues might have different on-sale times or accessibility, so checking out different options increases your chances of getting the tickets you want.


Getting in queue on Ticketmaster is a simple process, but it requires careful planning and patience. By following the above steps, you can increase your chances of purchasing tickets for your preferred event. Remember to stay focused, avoid bot activity, and always be ready with your payment and billing details. With these tips, you can comfortably navigate the Waiting Room and get access to Ticketmaster’s vast inventory of tickets.