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How to Check Booked Tickets in IRCTC

Indian Railways has always been the country’s most preferred mode of transportation due to the expansive network and affordable prices. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC has made booking train tickets online an easy and convenient process. Once you have booked your ticket, it is essential to know how to check the booked tickets in IRCTC. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of checking your booked tickets in IRCTC.

Step 1: Open the Official IRCTC Website

The first step is to open the official IRCTC website. You can do this by typing in the address bar of your web browser.

Step 2: Log In to Your Account

Once you land on the website’s homepage, you will see a ‘Login’ button at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the ‘Login’ button, and a new page will open where you will be required to enter your user ID, password, and captcha. Upon entering all the details, click on the ‘Login’ button.

Step 3: Go to the ‘Booking History’ Section

After a successful login, you will be redirected to the homepage. Click the ‘My Account’ tab found in the menu bar in the top right corner of the screen. After clicking, a drop-down menu with numerous options will appear. Choose the ‘My Transactions’ option, and a page will appear with a ‘Booking History’ option.

Step 4: Select ‘Booking History’ Option

On the ‘My Transactions’ page, choose the ‘Booking History’ option. A new page will appear showing all your past bookings. This page will show you the list of tickets you have booked under your IRCTC account.

Step 5: Getting Specific Information About Booked Tickets

After selecting the ‘Booking History’ option, you will see all your bookings listed on the next page. To view the specific details of any particular booking, click on the transaction ID. Doing this will open a page with consistent information related to the booking, like PNR status, train number, train name, date of journey, boarding, and destination station, coach and berth number.

Step 6: Checking the PNR Status

PNR or Passenger Name Record is an essential term in trains. It is a unique ten-digit number that helps railway authorities identify your booking. The PNR status informs you whether your ticket is confirmed, waiting, or has been canceled. To check your PNR status, simply select the booking history option and click on the transaction ID. This step will show the PNR status of your ticket.

Step 7: Cancelling a Booked Ticket

In case you want to cancel a booked ticket, you can do so by selecting the ‘Cancel Ticket’ option. However, before canceling the booked tickets, it is necessary to understand the cancellation rules and charges applied by IRCTC.


In conclusion, checking booked tickets in IRCTC is a simple process once you are familiar with the website. By following these simple steps, you can view your booking history, detailed information about your bookings, and check your PNR status. Additionally, it is essential to check the booking rules and regulations before making changes to your train ticket bookings. Knowing the process in advance will help you be better prepared for your journey and make any necessary changes or cancellations without any hassles.