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How to Book Tatkal Ticket in IRCTC App 2022 Tamil

If you’re a regular train commuter, you know how crucial it is to book tickets in advance, especially during the peak season. Tatkal tickets are a service provided by Indian Railways to help commuters book tickets at short notice. However, Tatkal tickets are hard to get because the booking window opens only a day in advance, and the demand is high. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of booking Tatkal tickets through IRCTC App in Tamil.

What is IRCTC?

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is the online portal for booking train tickets operated by Indian Railways. It’s a convenient platform that enables travellers to book tickets online through a computer or a mobile device.

What is Tatkal Ticket?

Tatkal ticket reservation is a facility provided by Indian Railways to book train tickets at short notice. This service is available for selected trains and classes of trains. Tatkal bookings open at 10.00 hrs for AC classes, and at 11.00 hrs for non-AC classes, one day in advance of the actual date of journey. Tatkal tickets are more expensive than regular tickets, and the booking procedure is different from normal tickets.

Requirements for Tatkal Ticket Booking

Before booking a Tatkal ticket through the IRCTC app, you’ll need the following essentials:

  • A valid IRCTC account with adequate balance
  • A mobile device with the IRCTC app installed
  • Internet connectivity with a strong network signal
  • The passenger’s name, age, ID proof, and other details

Steps to Book Tatkal Ticket in IRCTC App

Follow these steps to book Tatkal tickets through the IRCTC app:

Step 1: Open the IRCTC App

Open the IRCTC app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Login

Login to your IRCTC account with your credentials.

Step 3: Train Selection

Click on the ‘Train Ticket’ option on the home screen, and select the ‘Tatkal’ option under the ‘Plan My Journey’ section.

Step 4: Fill in Passenger Details

Fill in the passenger’s name, age, gender, and ID proof details.

Step 5: Ticket Availability

Click on the ‘Check availability’ option to check the availability of Tatkal tickets for the train you’ve selected.

Step 6: Payment

If the tickets are available, select the train with available seats, fill in the payment details, and make the payment.

Some Important Tips to Book Tatkal Ticket in IRCTC App

  • Be Ready: Be prepared for Tatkal ticket booking in advance. Check the timings, keep your ID details handy and login to the IRCTC app a few minutes before the booking window opens.
  • Use Multiple Payment Options: Keep multiple payment options ready to avoid payment failures. IRCTC offers several options like internet banking, debit/credit cards, digital wallets, etc.
  • Save Passenger Details: Save the passenger details in the IRCTC app to reduce the time required to fill in the details every time you book a ticket.
  • Don’t Use Autofill: Many people rely on autofill functions for faster booking, but this sometimes leads to errors. So it’s better to fill in the details manually each time to avoid errors.


In conclusion, Tatkal Ticket Booking through IRCTC app 2022 Tamil can be a little tricky, but with the right preparation and execution, you can easily book your tickets with ease. With the current pandemic situation, pre-booking train tickets is a safer option to avoid last-minute rush and crowding at the stations, and Tatkal tickets serve this purpose perfectly. Always remember to keep your essentials ready and follow the steps mentioned in this guide to book your tickets without any hurdles.