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How Ticketmaster Verified Fan Works: A Comprehensive Guide

Ticket scalping is a massive problem for concerts and events all around the world. It creates a vast disparity between the demand and supply of tickets, and genuine fans often miss out on attending their favorite events. To deal with this issue, Ticketmaster has introduced a new system called Verified Fan. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program works and its benefits for fans.

What is Ticketmaster Verified Fan?

Ticketmaster Verified Fan is a program designed to provide fair and equal access to event tickets for fans. This system works by pre-registering fans before tickets go on sale. Then, Ticketmaster assesses and selects the verified fans to participate in the Ticketmaster presale. Only registered and verified fans have the chance to access presale tickets. The unique feature of this program lies in the registration process, where Ticketmaster uses a proprietary algorithm to determine a fan’s waitlist status. Verified Fans are selected based on factors like ticket buying history, number of tickets requested, frequency of attendance, as well as other factors.

How Does The Ticketmaster Verified Fan Registration Process Work?

The Ticketmaster Verified Fan registration process involves a straightforward procedure that requires interested individuals to sign up on Ticketmaster’s website or mobile app. By providing some basic personal information, including your name, email address, and phone number, Ticketmaster matches your data with social media accounts to verify your identity. From there, it puts you into a pool of potential ticket buyers.After a few hours or days, you’ll get an email indicating that you are on the waiting list. Depending on the event, Verified Fan registration can take between a few days to a few weeks. During the registration process, Ticketmaster asks a few questions to ensure that only genuine fans can participate. It also flags any votes that look suspicious or duplicate.

How Does Ticketmaster Select Verified Fans?

Ticketmaster uses an algorithm that combines data points like ticket buying history, behavior, and purchase habits, as well as the artist’s own criteria, in choosing participants for the presale. This system ensures that the event tickets go to real fans instead of resellers, who will sell them at a premium rate.Ticketmaster generally uses social media platforms and other data to filter different types of customers. It examines the number of followers, friends, as well as engagement levels in trending topics that are relevant to the event. The algorithm also looks out for proxies and bots that might be trying to gain an advantage in the selection process.Once Ticketmaster selects Verified Fans, it sends them a personalized checkout link, along with their presale code, to purchase tickets.

What Are The Benefits Of The Ticketmaster Verified Fan Program?

There are numerous benefits of the Ticketmaster Verified Fan program for both fans and event organizers. Here are some of them:

For Fans:

  • Fair and equal access to event tick
  • Protection from ticket resellers and scalpers.
  • Higher chances of getting good seats to events.
  • Early access to event tickets.
  • Eliminates the stress and anxiety of waiting in line for tickets.

For Event Organizers:

  • A more secure process of selling tickets.
  • Guaranteed and realistic ticket sales.
  • Better customer data collection and analysis.
  • Increased fan engagement and loyalty.
  • Reduces scalping and ticket fraud.


The Ticketmaster Verified Fan program is an essential step towards creating a more pleasant and satisfying experience for fans attending events. It ensures that genuine fans can purchase event tickets sooner and at more reasonable prices while reducing the number of scalpers who profit from ticket resales. Through a transparent and fair process, Ticketmaster verifies potential buyers and offers a better chance at getting hold of tickets. This system has revolutionized ticket buying, and we hope the program will continue to evolve and improve for more event types and regions.