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How Much Do Ticketmaster Employees Make?

Ticketmaster, a well-known ticket sales and distribution company, employs thousands of people in various roles. The company provides its employees with decent salaries, benefits, and other perks. If you’re considering a job at Ticketmaster, you may be curious about the average earnings and compensation packages at the company.

Ticketmaster Jobs and Salaries

Like many companies, the salaries at Ticketmaster differ based on job role and seniority level. Entry-level positions, such as customer service representatives and ticket agents, typically receive salaries near the minimum wage. These roles provide a starting point for employees to gain experience and develop their careers within the company.According to Glassdoor, Ticketmaster employees in the United States earn an average base salary of $61,000 per year. This includes positions like marketing specialists, project managers, and software engineers. However, this figure can vary depending on where the employee is located, their level of experience and seniority, their job responsibilities, and other factors.

Bonuses and Benefits

In addition to salaries, Ticketmaster employees enjoy other perks and benefits. Many employees receive generous bonus packages, which can range from a small percentage of their base salary to huge one-time payments, such as performance-based bonuses. Ticketmaster also provides 401(k) plans and health insurance programs.Other benefits that Ticketmaster employees can enjoy include discounted tickets to events, flexible work hours, paid time off, employee assistance programs, parental leave, and more. These benefits make working at Ticketmaster an attractive option for many job seekers.

Working at Ticketmaster

Working at Ticketmaster can be an excellent career choice for people who are passionate about music, sports, and other live events. The company has a great culture and provides its employees with plenty of opportunities to advance their careers. Whether you’re interested in marketing, IT, customer service, or other areas, there are plenty of positions available at Ticketmaster.To apply for a job at Ticketmaster, visit the company’s official website, create a profile, and search for open positions. You will need to submit your resume, cover letter, and any other required documents. Once you’ve been selected for an interview, be sure to research the company’s culture and mission, and prepare answers to common interview questions.


Although salaries at Ticketmaster vary based on job roles and seniority levels, the company provides its employees with a decent salary and benefits package. With opportunities for professional development and career advancement, working at Ticketmaster can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.