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How Much Are Ticketmaster Fees for Taylor Swift Concert?

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest and most popular music artists around. Her concerts have continued to sell out consistently, leaving fans eager to find out how much it will cost them to attend one of her shows.Ticket prices are one of the main factors most fans consider when planning to attend a concert. However, there is another factor that’s equally essential – the fees charged by ticket sellers like Ticketmaster. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the fees associated with purchasing Taylor Swift concert tickets on Ticketmaster.

The Ticketmaster Fees: How Do They Work?

Ticketmaster is a company that provides ticket sales and distribution services for various events, including Taylor Swift concerts. When you purchase a Taylor Swift concert ticket on Ticketmaster, there are several fees that you must pay in addition to the ticket price. These fees are typically referred to as service charges.Service charges are Ticketmaster’s compensation for providing ticket sales and distribution services, as well as customer service support. The fees apply to each ticket purchased and can vary depends on several factors, including the event, venue, and location.

Types of Ticketmaster Fees

There are several types of fees you may encounter when purchasing Taylor Swift concert tickets on Ticketmaster. Some of the fees are:

1. Service Fee

The service fee is Ticketmaster’s primary revenue stream and typically ranges between 10-30% of the ticket price. So, if a Taylor Swift ticket sells for $100, you may be charged an additional $10-30 per ticket in service fees. This fee varies depending on the popularity of the event.

2. Order Processing Fee

The order processing fee is a fixed fee charged per order and varies depending on the method of delivery you choose. If you opt for a digital ticket, you may not be charged an order processing fee; however, you may incur additional fees for physical ticket delivery, such as express shipping at an additional cost.

3. Delivery Fee

The delivery fee is charged when you choose to have the tickets shipped to your address. The cost of the delivery fee will vary based on your location, the delivery method chosen, and the timeline requested.

How to Avoid Ticketmaster Fees

Although it may not always be possible to avoid Ticketmaster’s fees on Taylor Swift concert tickets, there are some ways you can minimize them, such as:

1. Buy during presale periods

Ticketmaster usually provides presale access to select individuals, such as cardmembers or VIPs. During presale periods, tickets may be available for lower prices, and the ticket fees may be reduced or waived altogether.

2. Buy in-person

Ticketmaster also offers in-person sales at Ticketmaster retail locations, which may be cheaper than buying tickets online. You will not be charged any service or order processing fees for in-person purchases.

3. Use other ticket selling platforms

Other ticket selling platforms like StubHub, SeatGeek, or even Facebook Marketplace may offer Taylor Swift concert tickets at lower prices or fewer fees. However, you’ll want to ensure that the seller is legitimate and that you’re not purchasing fake tickets.


In summary, the service fees associated with purchasing Taylor Swift concert tickets on Ticketmaster can add up quickly, ranging between 10-30% of the ticket price. To minimize these fees, try buying tickets during the presale period or in-person, or use other ticket selling platforms. By following these tips, you can save some money and still enjoy the magic of a Taylor Swift live performance.