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How Do Verified Resale Tickets Work on Ticketmaster?

Are you looking to score tickets to a sold-out event? Or, are you looking to sell tickets you can no longer use? Ticketmaster’s Verified Resale program may be the solution to your problems. In this blog post, we will explain how Verified Resale works and how you can benefit from using this service.

What are Verified Resale tickets?

Verified Resale is a program that allows Ticketmaster customers to sell their tickets to events they can no longer attend. When a ticket is resold via Verified Resale, it is removed from the original purchaser’s Ticketmaster account and is instead issued to the buyer as a brand new, “verified” ticket.What does it mean when a ticket is “verified”? All tickets sold via Verified Resale are verified by Ticketmaster to ensure they are legitimate and valid. This means that the tickets have been issued by the event’s official ticketing agent (which is often Ticketmaster), and the ticket’s barcode is unique and hasn’t already been scanned to grant entry to the event.

How does the Verified Resale process work?

Let’s say you have purchased tickets to an event, but now you cannot attend. Instead of letting those tickets go to waste, you can sell them back via Verified Resale. Here are the steps you would need to follow:1. Log into your Ticketmaster account and select the event for which you want to sell your tickets.2. Select the specific tickets you want to sell and set your desired price.3. Once you’ve set the price, the tickets will be listed for sale on Ticketmaster’s website.4. If your tickets are purchased by someone else, you will be notified via email.5. Once the new buyer completes their ticket purchase, your original tickets will be invalidated and new, “verified” tickets will be issued to the buyer.6. You will receive payment for your tickets (minus a service fee charged by Ticketmaster) within a few business days.

What are the benefits of Verified Resale?

The Verified Resale program offers benefits to both buyers and sellers. For buyers, Verified Resale provides a safe and secure way to purchase tickets to popular events, even if they are sold out. Since all tickets sold through Verified Resale are verified by Ticketmaster, buyers can be confident that the tickets they purchase are legitimate and will grant them entry to the event.For sellers, Verified Resale provides a way to sell their tickets quickly and easily, without having to worry about fraudulent buyers or scams. Additionally, since Ticketmaster handles the verification and issuance of new tickets, sellers don’t need to worry about the hassle of transferring tickets to the buyer or making sure the buyer receives a valid ticket.

Are there any drawbacks to using Verified Resale?

While Verified Resale offers many benefits, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind. First, Ticketmaster charges a service fee for every ticket sold via Verified Resale. This fee varies depending on the event and the ticket price, but it can be as high as 15% of the ticket price.Additionally, since Verified Resale tickets are often priced higher than face value (since sellers are looking to recoup their costs or make a profit), buyers may end up paying more than they would if they had purchased tickets directly from Ticketmaster.Finally, it’s worth noting that not all events offer Verified Resale as an option for reselling tickets. If the event you’re attending doesn’t offer the program, you’ll need to look for alternative ways to sell your tickets.


Verified Resale is an excellent option for anyone looking to buy or sell tickets to a popular event. By providing a safe and secure way to resell tickets, both buyers and sellers can benefit from this program. Just be aware of the service fee and potential higher ticket prices before using Verified Resale, and always make sure the event you’re attending offers the program before relying on it as a resale option.